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15 Top Free HTTP and HTTPS Proxy Servers for 2023

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 8, 2023

    Free proxies might sometimes seem like a dream come true but can ultimately become a complete nightmare. When you discover a trustworthy free proxy, you have so hit the jackpot and are continuing to succeed. They assert that a variety of internet prospectors make it challenging to locate motherloads.

    Free proxies, however, are too effective for the site or data scraping. This is due to the fact that free news performs well but is increasingly restricted on different websites. However, because paid proxies are not accessible to the general public like free proxies, they carry fewer hazards despite the fact that they, too may be blacklisted.

    Free proxies are subject to minimal provider oversight, which makes blacklisting IP addresses simple. You may exchange IP addresses with other anonymous scrapers that don't worry about the sustainability of their proxies using free proxies. They don't even give a damn about IP rotation or getting around bans. We will learn about the top 15 free HTTP and HTTPS proxies list in 2023 in this post.

    1. ScraperAPI


    Website developers may utilize scraper API to construct codes that let them use API calls for data extraction. The online HTTP proxy supports Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Node, and Bash API calls. Geolocation and clever JS rendering are also supported. The software enables businesses that desire bespoke pricing to

    Features of ScraperAPI

    • 40 million+ IPs over 50+ proxy servers.
    • Unrestricted capacity
    • Anti-bot bypasses
    • Proxies for home

    2. Geonode


    On the market, Geonode is a well-known provider of free residential proxies. These proxies provide many IPs and bandwidth. For this reason, in addition to open proxies, they also provide a premium package. Their proxies are flawless. You may utilize the proxies, locations, and ports listed on their website for a variety of applications.

    You may filter the proxies before utilizing them based on your preferences or intended use. The finest user dashboard available and live customer assistance are provided by Geonode. You may choose a nation and examine the uptime and speed of anonymity. They own proxies that work with the SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTP(S) protocols.

    On its website, Geonode offers a large number of open proxies. Along with text, you may export files that provide details about each proxy as JSON and CSV. This is a reputable free proxy service provider.

    Features of Geonode

    • PlayStation Network accessibility
    • VPN access for applications
    • 5 connections at once
    • anonymous buying

    3. Free Proxy List

    Free Proxy List

    One of the greatest and easiest businesses that provide simple, cost-free proxies online is Free Proxy Lists. For best effectiveness, they check and update their free proxies every ten minutes.

    The free proxies include anonymous, socks, new, US, and UK SSL proxies. You may choose according to your requirements. They offer HTTP(S) proxies available for use, but if you want socks, you must upgrade to a premium service.

    If not, Free Proxy Lists define the nation, port, and level of anonymity. The accessible proxies may be sorted by city, region, and even by individual nations. Additionally, they describe the replies and the extent of proxy transmission.

    Fortunately, they use the percentage aspect to determine their uptime. Using the App or API, you may obtain the open proxy list. On their website, they also provide free VPNs in addition to proxies.

    Features of Free Proxy List

    • 30 million+ home IPs and one million+ static.
    • proxies for datacenters
    • proxies that rotate
    • Email and live assistance


    Another trustworthy service that provides an open proxy list with IPs from more than 166 different nations is Their free proxy list includes live proxy servers, HTTP(S) or SSL, SOCKS5, and other protocols. Their proxy server may be sorted according on the nation, ASN, cities, ports, etc. The proxies may also be exported as text.

    Before you use it, they execute anonymity text and have an IP checker. The business uses premium HTTPS private proxies. Their HTTP proxies are segmented, and you may choose between transparent and free anonymous proxies. As a result, you may utilize their website to specify the kind of open proxies you need. They also give each proxy a score based on its performance, uptime, and latency.

    Features of

    • 102 million+ IPs and servers in over 195 countries
    • APIs for e-commerce and web scraping
    • Proxies in datacenters and homes
    • proxies for 4G mobile
    • APIs that scrape SERPs



    As the name implies, provides free proxies on their site. The firm does not identify the source of its open proxies since they do not control the proxies. They help several nations throughout the globe via their proxies.

    These proxies handle all popular protocols, including HTTP, SOCKS5, and SOCKS4 (s). Even the degree of anonymity is up to you. Additionally, you may choose by using protocols and anonymity filters.

    On their website, they also provide a list of open proxies that includes the IP address, port, nation, area, and even city. With an average speed and uptime, they now have around 6156 proxy servers in their database. They also state how quickly they respond and the most recent time the proxies were verified. The website is safe, easy to use, and shows everything.

    Features of

    • 195+ nations' worth of servers and 40+ million IPs.
    • Whitelisting
    • Mobile and desktop IPs
    • support for IPV4 and HTTPS protocols

    6. ProxyScrape


    An outstanding company, ProxyScrape, provides free proxies ideal for web data scraping. On their website, they list open HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy servers. You may choose the kind you want and arrange results according to the nation, the degree of anonymity, and SSL. You can only access them after identifying your need and downloading them; they are kept secret. Otherwise, they often update their proxies.

    You should be aware that ProxyScrape uses a proxy scraper to get its proxy list from the internet. The proxies you need are simple to identify and find since they support several protocols. Using API access, you may obtain the proxy list. Additionally, they provide high-end proxy solutions for homes and data centers.

    Features of ProxyScrape

    • Google privacy
    • HTTP/HTTPS proxies
    • different degrees of anonymity



    A firm called offers a free proxy list database online. When you compare it to other open proxy firms on the internet, you can tell from the appearance that it is quite professional. Additionally, they guarantee to frequently examine the ping, connection speed, location, type, uptime, and anonymity level of their proxies.

    To export their proxies into IP: Port format, spreadsheet, and API access, you must choose a premium subscription, nevertheless. On the other hand, you may order their proxies according to their speed, kind, and degree of anonymity. If you are aware of the port number, you may also look for a proxy. Nearly 81 nations are supported by the proxies. With their premium plan, you get more sophisticated features.


    freeproxylist is a straightforward and user-friendly website. They provide HTTP(S) protocol-compatible proxies. On their website, they give a list of open proxies from which you may choose based on your requirements. Similar to other providers, you may sort the proxies by protocols, nation, and degree of anonymity.

    Many nations are supported by their proxies. We like the firm since their proxies are fast and reliable, and another great quality of theirs is their quick reaction time.

    The list includes information on IP addresses, ports, and even cities and regions. The proxy lists cannot, however, be downloaded from the website. Despite how often they update, they still do not let us know when the previous update was. As a result, it is a trustworthy and fundamental source of free proxy for scrapers. When you need assistance, the website also offers excellent customer service, however the response time is too slow.

    Features of

    • Geotargeting
    • Great Proxy Pool
    • Extraction of Data
    • Screenshot the whole and partial page

    9. Proxy Nova

    Proxy noova

    Another website where you may get the open proxy list is Proxy Nova. They promise their customers that these proxies are trustworthy, recently verified, and fast with a typical uptime. In order to get fresh IPs, you should often reload their webpage.

    They have several, current, functional proxy lists online that are easily accessible to the general public. Every day, they verify over a million proxy servers, and the majority of them guarantee that they have been checked at least in the previous 15 minutes.

    This indicates that their proxy list is trustworthy and uncharged. Additionally, they claim that their open proxy servers work with any program, including browsers, where they are often used to conceal IP addresses, get around limitations, and access material that is password-restricted.

    Their proxies may be filtered based on a number of criteria, including port, location, and degree of anonymity. All nations on earth are supported by the proxies. Additionally, they provide a proxy switcher that is excellent for turning proxies on and off.


    • Policy of no logging
    • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
    • splitting tunnels
    • Unrestricted DNS


    A little bit different proxy supplier called provides free proxies. Their proxies use social media more than those of other internet businesses. Additionally, you may submit your proxies online for usage by others. As a result, locating the proxies is difficult.

    They claim that their proxies are routinely updated to keep them current. The good news is that you can sort open proxies by country to make your choice.

    Proxy servers that handle HTTP(S), SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 are available. They work with any browser as a result. These open proxies may then be used for spamming, creating several social media profiles, and anonymity.

    Features of Proxy Nova

    • Free anonymous proxy list
    • Proxy List organized by hostname, port, and city.
    • proxy list for HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS

    11. SSL Proxy

    The freeproxylist, which has the slogan SSL, is the same as SSL Proxy. The business promises to periodically verify these HTTPS proxies at least once every ten minutes. Although some of the proxies have been reviewed over the last hour, this looks to be virtually accurate. Their proxies come from a variety of international locations.

    Similar to other websites, their proxy list may be sorted by a variety of criteria, including nation, anonymity, country code, and many more. You may discover both elite and anonymous proxies on the list. When sorting, their proxies also offer a Google option. They may have come from Google sources, yet they are all marked "No." Although the package is on a premium plan, they offer HTTP and socks proxies.

    Features of SSL Proxy

    • Proxy connections across HTTP and HTTPS
    • Protocols SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5
    • File: Save Proxy List Txt
    • intermediaries that cascade or distort
    • Adaptable API

    12. Hide My Ip

    A firm called Hide My Ip offers internet browsing anonymity and identity security. It's important to know that this open proxy list is updated every day. The proxies support practically all nations and provide high levels of anonymity.

    They show the speed as well as the IP address and the matching port. The proxies may be sorted by nation. Otherwise, both HTTP and HTTPS are supported via their proxies. On their website, in addition to open proxies, they also provide DNS and accountless VPNs. The website is safe and easy to use.

    Features of Hide My Ip

    • Proxy for HTTP and HTTPS
    • Specific port search
    • Lookup proxies by nation

    13. ProxyScan

    The welcoming website only provides free proxies online. As you can see from their homepage, lets you browse down and access many proxies whereas other sites have tables and limits. They have proxies that handle HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. More proxies appear from other nations. At the top of the list are the most recent proxies.

    On their webpage, they also provide a proxy tester, proxy filter, proxy scraper, and API access for obtaining open proxies. They also provide mobile proxies that rotate. Proxy servers may be chosen depending on a variety of criteria, including country, port number, maximum ping, proxy type, anonymity, etc.

    Features of ProxyScan

    • API proxies
    • Scraper for proxy
    • SOCKS4/5, HTTP, SSL, and proxies
    • 1,000,000+ proxy list

    14. Hidester

    Hidester is a straightforward service that offers proxies without requiring you to install any additional software. Their proxies are available across a variety of devices, including mobile. In addition to paid proxies, they also provide publicly accessible open proxies on their website.

    Depending on the nation, you may choose the IP of your choosing and the matching port. They claim that their proxies have undergone extensive testing, are continuously updated, and are simple to export.

    On their website, they provide straightforward options where you can choose a nation, port type, protocol type, degree of anonymity, ping speed, and google proxy status.

    Features of Hidester

    • Limit of the timeout
    • proxy using Socks4/5 and HTTP
    • Order proxies

    15. Premproxy

    Our last free proxy list, Premproxy, has the best and most prestigious proxies available. Elite is a very private proxy service that conceals your privacy without disclosing who you are. They thus have trustworthy proxy servers. They claim that an hourly update is made to their free proxy list. The proxies may be sorted by IP address, anonymity, most recent check, and nation or area.

    The proxies may also be downloaded or exported in the IP: port format for convenience. If not, Premproxy makes available for public usage on their webpage the proxy's IP address and port number. No need to register.

    Features of Premproxy

    • Anonymous data collection via a changing proxy list.
    • Whitelisting of IP
    • 200+ concurrent API requests
    • Monthly inquiries exceed 2.5 million.
    • Household IPs (add-on)


    Finally, whether you want to access blocked websites, protect your privacy, or stream content from different regions, having a reliable and fast proxy server can greatly improve your online experience. This article's list of the top free HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers for 2023 provides a variety of options to choose from, each with its own set of unique features and benefits.

    Before choosing a proxy server, read the terms of service and user reviews, and use caution when entering personal information while using a proxy. Overall, the best proxy server for you will be determined by your unique requirements and preferences.

    Related Questions

    1. What are HTTP and HTTPS proxies, respectively?

    Both HTTP and HTTPS proxies provide private internet connections. In HTTP proxies, the server certificate is not verified. However, HTTPS proxies verify the server's certificate to provide secure and anonymous connections.

    2. How can I locate proxy lists?

    Using the internet proxy list programs to locate proxy lists is the correct response. The top proxy providers that provide lists of free HTTP and HTTPS proxies have been evaluated by us.

    3. What are the many categories of proxies?

    The majority of proxy service providers provide forward proxies, which act as a network gateway or tunnel. In contrast, reverse proxies supplied by restricted proxy service providers give control and protection of server access via authentication, load balancing, caching, and decrypting.

    4. Is an HTTP proxy secure?

    The answer is negative; a secure connection is not possible using an HTTP proxy. If you are using an HTTP proxy, you shouldn't give out private information like your credit card or bank account number online.

    5. How do private proxies work?

    A single IP address is given to each user using private proxies, sometimes called static or dedicated proxies. It conceals the user's actual IP address. However, unlike rotating IPS, they do not stop third parties from recording your surfing history.

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