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Top 17 JavaScript Projects in 2022

    JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages that is used in most web applications for validations, interactive graphics and maps, rendering dynamic content, and a lot more.

    JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, has the power to build complete, robust web applications as the user can interact with a webpage and see all the interesting elements on the page.

    We will find out more about how JS helps in building interactive web pages as we explore the projects but first let us look at the features of JS.

    Top JavaScript language Projects to  practice

    Features of JavaScript

    • To create interactive web content it is used on both the client-side and server-side.
    • By providing dynamic functionality, it greatly improves the user experience.
    • Light-weight language.
    • Object-oriented capabilities.
    • Interpreted, cross-platform and open language.
    • Very smooth integration with Java and HTML.

    Reasons For Opting JavaScript Projects

    There are a number of reasons why JavaScript is so frequently used for projects. These are some of the most common ones:

    • Heart of any web application.
    • It can get you a range of challenging and interesting career options, like building dynamic websites, etc.
    • You can take up basic JavaScript courses and start working on the projects.
    • You will understand most of the JavaScript projects if you follow a bit of HTML and CSS.

    Now let's take a look at the Top 17 JavaScript projects in 2022 that you can work on.

    01: Vanilla JavaScript stopwatch

    You can easily code a JavaScript stopwatch even in one day, as a beginner. There are three buttons that your stopwatch will need for user interaction:

    1. Start
    2. Stop
    3. Reset


    You can make it look pretty by playing around with some CSS and that's it. The Stopwatch application is ready.

    02: JavaScript clock

    Javascript clock project

    It is relatively easy to build your own digital clock using JavaScript. You can use this small project to practice variables and simple "if loops".

    You could add some CSS again to customize the design and give that aesthetic touch to your JavaScript clock.

    03: JavaScript Calculator

    Javascript Calculator Project

    If you want to practice your JavaScript skills, coding a good old calculator is excellent for you.

    You just have to create a clean interface using HTML and CSS. After this, you can add different features using JavaScript.

    You can start with some basic operators and buttons for:

    • Additions
    • Subtractions
    • Multiplications
    • Divisions

    04: JavaScript Drum Kit

    If you want to do both, learn and have fun at the same time while building a JavaScript project, then you are going to love this example.

    JavaScript Drum Kit

    You can try building a JavaScript drum kit, which is a very interesting, and entertaining project to build.

    05: JavaScript Guess the Color Game

    Guess the Color Javascript Project

    It is quite straightforward, designing a colour guessing game with JavaScript:

    1. The game has to be built in such a way that the player will see a single RGB value for a colour.
    2. Then the task for the player is to click on the colour that matches the RGB value being displayed.

    You can make this game more difficult by adding some more features to it. For instance, You could give the player three chances by restricting the number of guesses. Then, they would lose one with every wrong guess and the game would be over when all their chances are extinguished.

    06: JavaScript Hangman Game project

    One of the best JavaScript project ideas is to build a Hangman game. If you are a beginner but still want a bit of a challenge, it is the absolute best for you.

    The Hangman game is about guessing a word by guessing all the letters of it, one at a time. The game is over if the player runs out of guesses.

    Hangman game

    Yes, the game might seem pretty simple but you will have to consider a few critical elements in the code that you write:

    • For the guesses, you have to set a maximum limit.
    • Make sure that the remaining number of guesses are being displayed to the player.
    • There should be an interface for the player to input their guesses.

    This project of building a Hangman game might take you a bit longer, but it will be some great practice. There are a number of things that you would have to consider, like variables, random choice, boolean values, inputs and outputs, etc.

    07: JavaScript Tic Tac Toe

    tic tac toe Javascript clipart

    Another excellent project idea that you can finish in a single day is to build a Tic Tac Toe game with JavaScript.

    A 3x3 grid has to be created where both the players can take turns and mark the grid with circle and cross symbols. The player who gets three marks in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row wins the game.

    Yes, the game does seem simple, but you will have to figure out how to create the logic that follows the rules of the game in JavaScript.

    So, you should consider breaking down the flow of the game into logical steps first, before starting to write the code.

    08: JavaScript Pong Game

    JavaScript Pong Game Project

    Most people's favourite game was Pong. It was also the first commercially successful video game.

    It is a little challenging to build the game in JavaScript but the end results are very satisfying.

    Here again, we will advise you to think about the rules of the game and chalk out the different events that have to be covered by your code.

    The ideas of how to make it more fun and the innovations will hit you when you start writing.

    You could also try creating difficulty levels in the game, for instance:

    • After a given number of rounds, the ball could move faster.
    • You can allow the computer to move the paddle more quickly so that the game becomes a little more tricky.

    As this project is a little challenging, we would suggest you have a couple of easier projects under your belt before you get to this.

    09: JavaScript Pairs Game

    JavaScript Pairs Game

    Another fun project that you can have fun building is the JavaScript memory matching game or the pairs game. This would also look good on your Portfolio.

    You just have to follow the simple logic of the game:

    1. Some cards are kept facing down on the table.
    2. All the pairs have to be found by the player.

    You will probably want to make it a little more difficult by setting a time limit or limiting the number of guesses.

    It is a great project to practice your code writing skills and also CSS and HTML skills.

    10: JavaScript Maze Game project

    Most of the kids of the '90s have been huge fans of drawing and solving maze game projects. For them, building their own maze game can be the most fun project.

    JS project

    It is a little more difficult project using JavaScript, so you need to make sure that you are comfortable enough with the language before you start building the game.

    11: JavaScript Quiz

    JavaScript Quiz Projects

    Everyone enjoys a good quiz. And, it is actually quite easy to build a small JavaScript quiz, plus they can be super helpful.

    The quiz can be for multiple purposes:

    1. For fun and games.
    2. For helping people out to figure some things.

    For, instance, you can help readers fund the right resources and articles on the basis of what they want to learn.

    You just have to create a simple, small quiz and you can help determine what their goals are and push them to tutorials and blogs that will help them get started.

    12: JavaScript platformer game

    The JavaScript platformer game is great for intermediate students who want to practice the model-view-controller skills.

    Platformer game

    You can learn how to organize your code so that you can build a strong foundation for the project.

    This will help you immensely in the future and will also be a good addition to your resume.

    13: JavaScript tip calculator

    tip calculator Javascript Project

    After a long day of coding, calculating tips can be a little tricky.

    You can just build your own tip calculator to save the trouble of calculating your tips manually. Also, there can never be an error in calculation with this tool.

    You can also add some more features to your tip calculator to make it more user-friendly. For example, if you soon want to travel abroad, you can find out what is an appropriate tip level there and then add an option for selecting countries in your calculator.

    14: JavaScript palindrome checker

    A word or a phrase that read the same backwards and forwards is called a palindrome.


    If you want to practice with strings and manipulating them with JavaScript, then building a palindrome can be some really great exercise for you. Plus, finding out which words or phrases are palindromes is very fun.

    15: JavaScript to-do list

    to-do list clipart javascript project

    For coding dynamic, interactive lists where users can add, delete, edit, and move items, JavaScript is the most wonderful tool. You cannot achieve this with HTML or CSS.

    You are an aspiring programmer and you probably have a never-ending list of to-dos:

    • Managing projects
    • Maintaining your portfolio
    • Dealing with e-mails
    • Learning new things
    • Places to visit on your next holiday
    • Knowing what groceries to buy
    • Movies to watch on Netflix

    You can just build your own custom-coded to-do list as a JavaScript project to make your life easier. Initially, you can just create a single list where you can add and delete items. Then, as you improve your skills, you can try adding new features that will help you to manage your to-dos more efficiently.

    For example, there could be categories in which you can arrange your to-dos.

    You can also enable a drag-and-drop feature for moving the items between the lists.

    16: JavaScript Timeline

    timeline Javascript Project

    A custom-made JavaScript timeline can be a great feature if you want to become a front-end web developer.

    The most important milestones of all the businesses and start-ups are generally displayed on their website. The JavaScript timeline code that you will be writing can also be used for some other similar applications.

    For instance, if you want to break down the important steps into bite-sized portions for the visitors of your website.

    You can display the small bits of a story, using the JavaScript timeline, to your readers without overwhelming them with too much information at once.

    17: JavaScript animated nav toggle

    You can use JavaScript to create interactive navigation toggles. It is very simple and quite easy to code, and it will definitely make your website more interesting and engaging to the audience.

    nav toggle

    This is a must-have skill to add under your belt if you want to be a front-end web developer.


    JavaScript is a versatile scripting language that is extensively used in web applications for a range of purposes such as validation, rendering dynamic content, interactive graphics, and maps. It can be used on both the client-side and server side and provides dynamic functionality, making it a crucial component of any web application.

    The article has provided a list of the top 17 JavaScript projects that developers can work on in 2022, ranging from building a stopwatch to creating a Pong game. These projects provide a great opportunity for beginners to improve their skills and build their careers in web development. With the increasing demand for dynamic and interactive web applications, learning JavaScript has become essential for anyone who wants to succeed in web development.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is commonly used to create interactive web pages and dynamic web applications. It is a versatile language that can be used on both the client-side and server side of web development.

    2. What can I do with JavaScript?

    With JavaScript, you can create various types of web applications, including games, interactive forms, chat applications, web-based calculators, and more. It can also be used for web animations, web scraping, and server-side programming.

    3. Do I need to know HTML and CSS to learn JavaScript?

    No, you do not need to know HTML and CSS to learn JavaScript, having some basic knowledge of these languages can be beneficial. JavaScript is often used in conjunction with HTML and CSS to create fully functional and visually appealing web pages.

    4. Is JavaScript easy to learn?

    No, it is not easy to learn javascript for those with no programming experience, it may take some time to grasp the concepts and syntax. However, there are many online resources available, including tutorials and code examples on our website, that can make learning JavaScript easier.

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