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Top Latest Technology to Learn in 2021

Posted in Innovation   SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

The only constant in today’s world is changing, be it our professional or personal lives. Today you are required to upskill yourself and especially with respect to the evolving technology. You too need to upgrade yourself and what better than to find the upcoming advancements in technology and acclimatizing with them.

So here we have for you a list of the top latest technologies to learn in 2021.

5G Technology

Top Latest Technology to Learn in 2021

After the revolutionary 3G and 4G, 5G or 5th generation of cellular networking is the talk of the town and also one of the latest technology. A speed of 20GBPS downlink and 10 GBPS uplink is expected from it, thus making it around 40 times faster than the current 4G LTE.

Its entry into the market will open the doors for better network operations, new services, and better customer experience thus revolutionizing not just cellular networking but the whole world. Its market is currently led by Switzerland, South Korea, and the US.

Companies that are investing in 5G technology: Samsung, Huawei, Intel, Deloitte, Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm.

Internet of Behaviours (IoB)

Internet of behaviour

When you collect and use data to drive behaviors, it is called the Internet of Behaviours(IoB). The industrial sites had employed computer vision to find out if the employees were in compliance with wearing the masks protocol and then after collecting this behavioral data it was to be analyzed by the organizations so that the people could be better influenced by government protocols at work. This is an example of IoB.

IoB the data and process it from various sources including:

  • Citizen data processed by public-sector

  • Commercial customer data

  • Government agencies

  • Social media

  • Public domain

  • Location tracking.

As the latest technology that processes this kind of data has become more sophisticated, this trend has kept growing.

Companies that are investing in IoB: AWS, Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, HP, IBM, Dell, Cloudera

Intelligent Process Automation

Interlligent process Automation

An idea has evolved with the Robotic Process Automation which basically says that ‘Anything that can be automated, should be automated. But the new year has brought with it something even more fascinating, namely Intelligent Process Automation.

IPA is basically the process that allows the bots to benefit from the abilities of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. so that they can improve on their own with time. The intelligent bots are evolved from their ‘If-this-then-that’ rule.

Companies that are investing in IPA: KPMG, AWS, Microsoft

Tactile Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

More immersive experiences are provided by innovative technologies like AR and VR. The user is immersed in a simulated environment in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is an overlay of technology in the real world.

We get a deeper understanding of things when we touch them and this is where Tactile Virtual Reality comes into play. It just merges different types of technologies including sensors, advanced optics, etc. which are then put together in one device and it provides the capability to overlay augmented digital content into reality.

Companies that are investing in Tactile VR: Oculus, Virtuix, Cisco.

Investments in Big Data Analytics coming from Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Starbucks, Google, Adobe.

Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation

Technology has always been used to enhance life and living standards. With the advent of Human Augmentation, this curiosity has reached a different level. Human Augmentation means using the technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to take human intelligence to the next level.

Currently, people with disabilities are being treated with prosthetic augmentation and sickness is being cured by experimenting with genes. There seems to be a promise to end the existing physical disabilities and even prevent injuries from happening.

Investments in Human Augmentation coming from companies like Neuralink, Google, Samsung, Ekso.



There are so many different organizations going through huge digital transformations, which has also increased the looming presence of cyberattacks not only for large organizations but for small businesses also. Yes, Cybersecurity is not one of the newest technology concepts, but there have been some new trends in it recently.

  • Virtual Dispersive Network(VDN) is one of the more unique approaches to cybersecurity, where a signal is transmitted in short bursts, which can be read covertly without disrupting the content. So no one can intercept the data without creating some disruption in it.

  • Blockchain Cybersecurity, here the orchestration is centralized and distribution enforced with a more modular and responsive approach

Companies are now starting to understand the importance of Cyber Security not just as a luxury but as a necessity.

Companies that are investing in Cybersecurity: CISCO, RedHat, IBM

Artificial Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence

The performance, scalability, and reliability will all be facilitated with good Artificial Intelligence and offer a good return on investments. But there are certain challenges that come along with the AI setup and the good thing is that the solutions are coming in too.

  • AI is supposed to become a part of the mainstream DevOps process and not a set of specialized or isolated projects. This will solve the issues with maintainability, governance, and scalability.

  • The tiny AIs are aiming to create algorithms so that the existing deep-learning models shrink without losing their capabilities so that more computational power is packed into tighter physical spaces and on far less energy.

It is one of the more revolutionary latest technology which is all set to bring about a revolution.

Companies that are investing in AI: Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM.