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DECEMBER 3, 2021

Top Paraphrasing Tools To Rewrite Text

    Top Paraphrasing Tools To Rewrite Text

    If you are looking for some of the best paraphrasing tools of 2021, this is just the article for you.

    On the internet, you will find thousands of tools for paraphrasing. But if you have to choose the best out of them, it's going to be very difficult.

    To make it easier for you, we have here the top 5 best paraphrasing tools that you can use for your work, regardless if you are a student, blogger, professional writer, or scholar.

    Whether it is assignments, blogs, or essays, these tools will rephrase your existing content and generate new content that will be meaningful and cannot be flagged as duplicates by any of the search engines.

    What Does Paraphrasing Mean?

    Paraphrasing is the rephrasing of a sentence or a group of sentences with different words or order of words without altering the original meaning of the sentence. The software programs discussed below do the same thing. They will rephrase your sentences for you without altering the meaning of the sentence.



    QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that can alter a portion of or the entire article without changing its meaning. As you fill in a sentence or some part of the text and press the paraphrase button, your content will be paraphrased.

    The major strength of QuillBot is how it uses machine learning to understand, restructure, reword and improve the rewordings. This makes QuillBot one of the best paraphrasing tools available in the market, not just for individuals but also for educational institutions and businesses.

    Along with all its other features, QuillBot also provides you with a built-in thesaurus function that can help you to find the perfect word every time and change individual words.

    There is Word Flipper that will help you change your writing instantly and different writing modes to help you enhance clarity and meaning.

    Another very convenient feature of QuillBot is how it plugs into the writing tools like Google Docs, MS Office and Google Chrome so that you don't even have to switch windows when you want to paraphrase text.

    On the free version of the software you can paraphrase up to 700 characters at a time but you can get the premium account and paraphrase up to 10,000 characters at a time. You will also get some added features with the premium account and also more efficient paraphrasing.



    Spinbot is another very efficient paraphrasing tool that will reword your content as you paste or write directly on its editor.

    You get a very smooth interface that is user-friendly, although there are a few ads. But once you are done with the ads the process of paraphrasing is pretty simple.

    The text is automatically rewritten by the Spinbot system once you put in a request. You have the Ignore Any tab to set the keywords you want Spinbot to ignore.

    The Spinbot algorithm, by default, doesn't spin the words that are capitalized, sot the titles, and proper nouns are saved along with the first words of every sentence. If you want to change this setting you can do it from the Spin Capitalized Words box.

    On the free version of this tool, you can paraphrase up to 10,000 characters but there will be ads and a captcha editor. If you get the premium version you can skip these, but the efficiency remains the same and there are no extra features.

    Paraphrasing Tool

    Paraphrasing Tool

    The most appropriate way to paraphrase or reword your content is figured out by Paraphrasing Tool very intelligently. There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration by the algorithm including the context of each word, phrase and sentence before deciding the best way to paraphrase your content.

    You can paraphrase up to 10,000 characters online using this powerful and efficient tool and make your content sound clear, understandable and intelligent.

    You have to first paste the content on the paraphrasing editor and then your rewritten content will appear in the adjacent text box.

    It comes free of cost and you would not have to sign-up or give out any personal information to use this.


    Grammarly logo

    Grammarly is a very popular tool that assists digital writing checking your writing for grammatical errors, plagiarism, spelling mistakes, sentence structure errors and a lot more.

    But Grammarly's rephrase sentence feature is not for all, it appears on Grammarly's list of suggestions for run-on sentences.

    Your original sentence gets reworded into two sentences as you click into the rephrase label. Also, your sentences can be written in fewer and more concise words so that the message becomes more clear and direct.

    You can use the Grammarly browser extension across browsers.

    You will get the rephrase label with Grammarly's free plan but to explore more of its features you have to pay for the premium subscription.



    Most famous for its plagiarism and grammar check tools, Duplichecker is another efficient paraphrasing tool. Your file could be uploaded directly or you can simply copy-paste the text and then select Rewrite Article and the paraphrasing process begins.

    Each scan is done very quickly and efficiently, utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process large portions of the text so that you get the output almost instantly.

    You also get a huge library with a large stack of words and their synonyms, a grammar checking option, and a plagiarism tool so that everything can be done under one roof.

    The disadvantage of using Dupplichecker is probably the fact that you can paraphrase only up to 2,000 characters and you have to keep running the rewritten content through and through grammar check before using it.


    So these are the top 5 paraphrasing tools that are available in the market. You can choose any one of them according to your convenience.

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