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Top 8 Reasons to learn Go Language in 2022

Posted in Programming   JUNE 29, 2022

    What is Go Language?

    Reasons to learn Golang

    Go language which is also called Golang is an open-source general-purpose programming language. It is developed and designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thomson. It was announced in 2009 and in 2021 it was made open source to the public as its 1.0 version.

    When Google was growing, the code used to manage the infrastructure of the company was also growing in size and complexity very quickly. Some cloud engineers started to feel that it's being more complicated so they decided to make a new programming language that is focused on simplicity and efficiency and quick performance.

    Advantages of Learning Go language :

    1. Simple language - It is simple and easy to read.
    2. Concurrency- It allows multiple processes to run simultaneously.
    3. Quick Execution of code - Its compilation time is very fast.
    4. Library- It provides a rich standard library.
    5. Garbage collection- It is a key feature of go. Go excels in giving a lot of control over memory allocation and has dramatically reduced latency in the most recent versions of the garbage collector.

    Why Should We Learn Go Language?

    1). Easy to Learn

    Go language is one of the easiest programming languages. If you already know any of the programming languages then you can learn the fundamentals of the Go language in a day. According to the StackOverflow developer survey of 2020, it jumped from 10th place to 5th place in most loving programming languages.

    The code structure of Golang is similar to the C programming language. It doesn’t have a complex syntax.

    2). Quick Performance

    Go lang is used for server-side/backend programming. It doesn’t require an interpreter instead it directly compiles the code into the machine code. Programs that are based on the Go language execute super fast therefore developers prefer Golang for better performance in the backend programming.

    3). Active Developer Community

    It's simple and easy to learn yet it's very fast and reliable which is why developers tend to use the Go language over other languages. Currently, there are more than 1 million users who use Golang for developing applications. Its popularity is increasing very quickly. Go has a very supportive and active developer community which ensures that there will always be support available during the development process.

    If you get stuck in the middle of app development, you can tweet your question along with the hashtag #golang which is commonly used by Go developers on Twitter.

    4). Good Documentation

    Go language has easy-to-read and solid documentation. You can get familiar with the fundamental of the Go language by reading the documentation of this language. You can read the documentation on the official website of the Golang.

    5). High Income Job

    Learning the Go language gives developers the freedom to earn more money. According to the StackOverflow Developer Survey, Go developers are the third-highest paid developers. After Perl and Scala, it has the highest-paid developers with a median salary of $74K. The popularity of Go lang is increasing day by day and the figure will grow more and more in the future. If you want to have a high-income job then you should learn the Go language.

    6). Error Checking

    The compiler of the Go language can detect errors like unused variables, missing packages or imports necessary to run, and mistyped or invalid operations. Go language compiler gives you heds about what works in the program and what doesn't before even you run your program. The compiler finds these errors during the build process of your program. This error-checking ability of the Go language saves the time of the development process without having to find bugs in the code.

    7). Scalability

    When the Go language was developed, it was designed with scalability in mind. Scalability is an important factor when selecting the programming language for your project. As applications grow, the Go language should be able to handle many smaller sub-tasks at the same time, like delivering HTML pages to individual web browsers and Running simultaneous tasks within an application which is also called concurrency.

    It offers great scope for scalability and it makes the execution of multiple functionalities run at the same time possible.

    8). Used in many Fields

    Go is a multipurpose programming language, which means that you can use it for many purposes. It is being used in web development, cloud computing, data science, and many more fields.

    If you want a high-income job in cloud-based programming, you should consider learning Go, because platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) all support Go.

    Learning Go has many advantages like these and it will develop your productivity and logical thinking too. Learn the Golang now and start developing applications!

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