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Top Tech Gifts for this feastive season of 2021

Posted in General   NOVEMBER 8, 2021

    Top Tech Gifts 2021

    Yes, it is that time of the year. The time that we love the most.

    The festival season is here and it's time to start buying gifts.

    And we urge you on behalf of all the Gen-z's to gift us new gadgets.

    It is almost always very exciting to tear through the wrapping paper and get a new pair of headphones or a new mobile phone unless it's something that isn't good or doesn't work. Then it becomes a paperweight.

    But, how do you find out the best products of the year from an ocean of new gadgets that are sub-par?

    Well, we have the answer for you. Here we have a list of the top 10 gadgets that you can gift your loved ones this festive season and we assure you they are going to love them.

    1. For the Binge-Watcher: Roku Ultra

    Roku Ultra

    For a few years now, Roku's fancy "Ultra" media streaming device has been our favourite and for good reason. With an extremely intuitive and friendly UI and super snappy processing, it makes it very easy to settle in for a night of Netflix or Amazon Prime, or YouTube or any other OTT site. Also, you get a very easy-to-use remote and pair of headphones that plug right into it for private listening along with the box. You also get an ethernet cable input so that you can easily stream 4K/HDR content.

    • Roku Ultra on Amazon for $92.32

    2. For The Tech Enthusiast: Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen.)

    Echo Dot

    While getting gifts for a tech generalist or someone who just loves asking Alexa to tell jokes, why not just get an awesome smart speaker, like the Echo Dot( 3rd Gen )? You can integrate this compact speaker with your Amazon account and ask it for shopping recommendations, know about the weather, or play your favourite song. Although, it isn't the ideal device for a pure music lover ( due to its small size it doesn't claim great sound quality), as an all-around smart device it will be a great addition.

    For better sound quality you could move on to the Echo Dot (4th Gen).

    • Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) on Amazon for $24.99
    • Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) on Amazon for $49.99

    3. For One Who Loves Books: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Most people's favourite e-reader, for a while now, has been Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite (the last-gen 2018 model) as it continues to do what Kindle does best with storing all the novels, poems, pdfs etc. and added to that it is waterproof, and features multiple colours and storage options with a battery that lasts weeks. Thus the Paperwhite ranks perpetually in the best of Kindles lists all around.

    • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon for $84.99

    4. For The One Who Is Entangled By The Wires: Samsung Galaxy Buds+

    Samsung galaxy buds+

    If you are getting a gift for a person who is just tired of wires but is so hooked to music that they can't let the music go, then the Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ will make a great gift for them. These rank in the lists of the best affordable headphones and deliver high-quality sound. You also get different listening modes and a comfortable fit for a price that is notably low compared to the others that are in competition.

    • Samsung Galaxy Buds+ on Amazon for $99.99

    5. For The Dedicated Listener: Sony WH-1000XM4

    Sony WH-1000XMH4

    If you are getting the gift for a dedicated music fan, who doesn't like to disturb others, the Sony WH-1000XM4 would be your best choice. They are simply amazing headphones and arguably the best headphones you can buy right now. They sound just great and also have the most useful headphone features that you can get: great noise cancelling ( it listens and automatically adapts to the environment), wireless/Bluetooth connectivity and a lightweight, and a very comforting design so you can use it for long hours. In summation, for a music lover, it will be a complete delight and will make their day.

    • Sony WH-1000XM4 on Amazon for $348

    6. For The Dedicated Music Lover: Sonos One SL

    Sonos One SL

    If your gift is for a music lover who doesn't really like to hold back and goes full-on with his music the Sonos One SL, is your best choice. In home audio solutions, Sonos has been a leading name for quite some time now and the Sonos One SL is a testament to that legacy.

    This one especially has a clean audio presentation, crispy trebles and a booming bass along with an easy setup interface that can be linked smoothly with the existing Sonos speakers at home. Although you cannot consider this as a take-it-to-the-park speaker, as a home solution offers better sound than almost any other device.

    • Sonos One SL on Best Buy for $199.99

    7. For One Who Loves Podcasts: Apple AirPods Pro

    Apple Airpods Pro

    Yes, it has been some time now that they have been in the market, but Apple's Airpods Pro are still some of the best true wireless earbuds that you can buy, especially if you are an iPhone user. Although there had been some qualms with relation to the audio quality and the comfort of the original AirPods, the Pro version is a lot better with better audio, more comfort, great noise cancellation. Thus they are truly the awesome pair of wireless buds that we strongly recommend.

    • Apple AirPods Pro on Amazon for $179

    8. For The Home Theatre Enthusiast: 55-inch TCL 6-Series TV

    55-inch tcl 6-series tv

    If the person you are gifting to has been hoping to upgrade to a 4K/HDR TV, the 55-inch TCL 6-Series will be your best pick. You have to pay a lot less compared to the price of these bright, colourful, crisp pictures bolstered by fancy techs like mini-LEDs and quantum dots. Also, the 6 Series is HDR compatible, i.e. it can play the latest and greatest movies in great colour and light. And to add the cherry on the top, the built-in Roku platform is still the favourite smart TV platform for most.

    • 55-inch TCL 6 Series 4K/HDR Roku TV on Amazon for $799

    9. For The On-The-Move Music Lover: JBL Flip 5

    JBL Flip 5

    If we talk about the best Bluetooth speakers in the market, JBL's Flip line of portable speakers has been topping the lists for some time now. And the Flip 5 is their best one yet. These meticulously designed speakers produce warm sounds with a lot of bass and midrange. They are rubber-capped and have water-sealed inputs so that you can bring your new speaker on the hikes, treks and beach trips without the fear of causing any damage. A Bluetooth speaker will be a perfect gift if your giftee likes to bring the jam wherever they go.

    • JBL Flip 5 on Amazon for $129.95

    10. For One Who Is A Serious Cinephile: 65-inch LG C1 OLED TV

    65-inch lg c1 oled tv

    If you are looking to get the best in the TV department, it sure won't come cheap, but for the dedicated, movie-loving, AV-club-attending-cinephiles, the price might not be the main thing to worry about. For many years now, LG has been the uncontested leader in OLED TV production and the company's 2021 C1 OLED adds to the tradition of being on the best TVs in the market. OLEDs make for pure colours and true shadows with the emissive display technology that allows each pixel to produce its own light. To add to that, the C1 OLED is studded with a fetching design, snappy smart features and all the HDR/Dolby Vision/HDMI tech that you can ask for.

    • 65-inch LG C1 OLED on Amazon for $1,796.99

    So you can choose one or more gadgets stated above and be very certain that your Giftee will be delighted by the gift. Happy Gifting.

    Published by: Amundra