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VGA to DVI Converter Cable in PC

Posted in Facts     MAY 4, 2021

Is your computer only with a VGI port and you want to connect your computer to another external monitor or any device such as a TV?

That’s a pretty common situation, we often would like to watch movies on a bigger screen or give presentations on it. But sometimes we couldn’t make it as the old monitor ports won’t have the modern DVI ports to connect with it.
Don’t worry!! Here is a solution to your problem.

Before moving on let's understand about your PC ports. A PC can have different ports such as HDMI, DVI, USB, Display Port, and VGA ports. You need to have a connector to attach your devices such as desktop, projector with the PC. Some PCs will have DVI and some VGI connectors. Let’s know the difference between these two common kinds of connections: DVI and VGA.

DVI vs VGA Converter

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a newer connection type that transfers digital signals and VGA (Video Graphics Array) is an older connection type that transfers analog signals.
VGA was commonly used for desktop monitors, TVs, video cards, and laptops. A VGA port has fifteen-pin connector holes with three rows of five pins whereas VGA cables feature an equal number of pins which makes a connection with a VGA port.


Types of DVI Cables

DVI carries both digital and analog signals. It can be easily converted to other standards like HDMI and VGA.

There are three types of DVI cables:


The symbol A here shows that it transfers only analog signals, and it is used to connect a DVI card to a CRT monitor


The symbol D here shows that the cable transfers only digital signals and connects DVI cards to LCD monitors.


The symbol I here show that it is integrated with both digital and analog signals And it can transfer both analog and digital signals.

Presently most of the devices support DVI because of the following reasons:

  • VGA could transfer only analog signals but DVI can send both analog and digital.
  • DVI has sharper and clearer picture quality than VGA.
  • VGA cables can plug when the computer is disconnected from the power supply, whereas DVI cable, can simply plug and play.

Most of today’s display devices use a digital interface. If we want to convert the VGA signal from analog-to-digital, it results in lower-quality video resolution. But DVI gives comparatively better results.

Even though most of the computers these days do not contain VGI ports, they are integrated into some old projectors, as well as older monitors. Imagine you bought a new monitor and your PC has a video card with only a VGA connection. But here the trouble is as you already buried the new monitor you need to change the VGA to a new video card or get a different monitor. Here is a hassle-free solution for such kind of situation.

VGA to DVI Converters

If you wanna connect DVI to external devices, that comprise only a VGA port, get this VGA to DVI converter or VGA active adapter. They help in transferring a video from a VGA video card to a DVI.

Nearly all these adapters have a bandwidth of 165 megahertz (MHz), with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and at a refresh rate of 70 Hz. That's fast enough for a flat-panel LCD to connect to the TV sets or the bigger monitor and it is ideal for your office, home entertainment display, conference rooms, and more. But it's not as fast enough to ensure a hassle-free experience when you are trying to work upon an old CRT.
Now the DVI converter from the DVI pin side is inserted into the DVI port of your video card and the VGA end side of the converter that contains the VGI PIN is inserted into the VGA port of your PC's video card.


We often stuck at looking for the right connection type for your laptop, desktop PC, or external display device, it is often frustrating to find the one that suits them, one of the major such issue is with the old VGI ports but these days all the new external devices are available with the DVI ports, you just need a right converter to convert between the VGI To DVI. The article gives you a clear idea of this issue, Why and how to convert from the VGI to DVI.