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Web Developer Job Description

Posted in General   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

    Web developer job description

    In the simplest of terms, a Web Developer could be defined as a person who programs the code that tells websites how to operate. Web Developers could specialize either in front-end development or back-end development. There are some people who are versatile enough to do both, they are called Full-stack developers. A Survey had found that 50% of developers are working in full-stack development or front-end development.

    Most organizations today need web developers to keep up with the competition.

    Web Developer Job Description

    The main work of a Web Developer is to create a website that meets their company’s or their client’s needs. For this two things are required:

    1. The ability to create websites.

    2. The ability to satisfy the needs of a client using a webpage.

    A web developer is more like a “solutions architect” who has to determine the most efficient way to solve the problems faced by his client first and then design a website that meets their objectives.

    What Does A Front-End Web Developer Do?

    Front-End developer

    A Front-End developer has to focus on the design and visual elements of websites. They have to anticipate the needs and behavior of the user and design the interface accordingly. It involves the programming of the visual end of things, which will be in front of the users to access. In this development role Javascript, HTML and CSS are widely used. You can check out Web Development Course which is fully Interactive and on completion, you can get a certificate of completion.

    The basic tasks that a Front-End developer is responsible for are:

    • Working with User Experience, Graphic, or Web Designers to make sure that the design ideas are developed into easy-to-use websites.

    • To transform the design into code that can be read by the browsers and displayed on the screen.

    • Giving the search engine a structure so that it is easy to find anything through it (this is also part of the Search Engine Optimization SEO).

    • They have to design the websites such that they look good on bigger computer screens and also the smaller mobile phones. (Referred to as the responsive design)

    • Test running the websites and fixing the bugs.

    What Does A Back-End Web Developer Do?

    Back-end developer

    As the name suggests, Back-End developers work behind the scenes, with the structures and systems that are not visible to the users but become the backbone of the application and allow it to perform what is needed. The Back-End programmers need to be skilled in problem-solving and have to be familiar with different programming languages like Python, SQL, Ruby, etc.

    The developers have the option to choose mobile application development where they have to work primarily with Android and iOS apps. They have to use the main languages like C++, Java, and HTML but along with it they also have to keep in mind the scrolling dimensions, swiping functionality, and the other standard app elements.

    Various Skills Required To Become A Web Developer

    Various Skills Required To become a web developer

    For becoming a web developer you will need both technical and soft skills. The technical skills include proficiency in various programming languages like Java, Python, etc. These will help you in building the websites. Soft skills on the other hand might not seem like they are much required in the technical field, but they play a pivotal role in changing your job experience and efficiency. Skills like good communication will determine how you work with others and convey your ideas and is just as important.

    Technical skills

    Most web developer job description has HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as the common programming languages. Among these, HTML gives the page its structure, CSS gives it the stylistic elements like the typography and the colors and JavaScript provides for interactivity. Thus, combined together these become the foundations of web development.

    Strong communication skills

    Good listening skills are a must for web developers. To genuinely understand the needs of the client and then come up with an effective solution, one would require an empathetic and a patient ear. Plus, you have to be able to communicate your ideas in a manner that compels your clients to take action. This could be attained with proficiency in PowerPoint and Excel.

    A Passion for Learning

    Like every other thing, even Web Developers are constantly evolving and if you have a passion for learning it will make it incredibly easier for you to stay on top of your game and remain always in demand, otherwise, you might just run out of ideas and become outdated.

    If a new language pops up and gains popularity you have to make sure that you make yourself familiarized with it. The same goes for the new technologies hitting the market.

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