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What Is An OGG File

Posted in General   NOVEMBER 9, 2021

    OGG file

    If you find a file having an OGG extension, you can say that it is an OGG Vorbis Compressed Audio File that is used for holding audio data. Artist and track information, as well as metadata, can all be included in this.

    The developers of the OGG format,, use the word "Vorbis" which pertains to their encoding scheme. Other audio compression types like FLAC and Speex may use the .OGA file extensions as they fall in the category of the OGG files that aren't considered Vorbis.

    The OGG file could also be an Origin Graph file, if not an audio file. This is then opened in a graphic program and not played in a media player.

    How to Open an OGG File

    There are different audio software and music players that can play OGG files, such as VLC, Miro, Windows Media Player, Xion Audio Player, MPlayer, etc. OGG files could also be played online through Google Drive.

    These file types can also be opened on Macs by some of those programs, including Elmedia Player and Roxio Toast. Playback is supported on Linux, as well as Zinf, Totem, and Amarok by programs like Miro and VLC.

    This format is probably supported by GPS devices and other media players, but not by Apple devices. That just goes on to say that you will have to install an app like VLC or OPlayerHD so that you can play OGG files on an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad.
    Opening OGG files

    An online OGG file or a local file dragged into Chrome could be played without having to download a separate program. OGG files can be streamed by Opera and Firefox too.

    You do not have to download a separate program to play an online OGG file

    The graph OGG files can be opened by Origin. You can view and copy information from an OGG file by using Origin Viewer which is a free program from the same company that develops Origin.

    How to Convert an OGG File

    You can convert an OGG file to MP3, WAV, MP4, and other such formats using some free audio file converters. You can also use an online converter like Zamzar or FileZigZag (that will probably be the easiest thing to do).

    For instance, you can convert OGG Vorbis Compressed Audio Files to several formats, even more than the ones just mentioned, like OPUS, WMA, M4A, AIFF etc. using FileZigZag. You can also use it to convert OGG files online even if they are not compressed with Vorbis. Zamzar works in a similar fashion.

    Convert an OGG file

    If you would rather not upload your files online, or if you want to convert in bulk, you could also convert OGG files with a downloadable program. You can find converters like Free Audio Converter and MediaHuman Audio Converter.
    You can save the Origin OGG files to OTP with the Origin program, by going to File, and then Save Template As. This will then produce an Origin Graph template file.

    More Information on OGG Vorbis Files

    OGG Vorbis can also be seen as a container format that functions that way to replace the OGG format. It can hold streams of video, audio and subtitles or other text. The OGX file extension is used by these types of multiplexed media files.

    OGG file types

    OGG Vorbis Multiplexed Media files can be opened with QuickTime, VLC, and Windows Media Player.
    It has to be kept in mind that the OGG Media file format using the .OGM extension is different from the other formats that have been mentioned above. But, yes, although it can be played with VLC and older versions of Windows Media Player, it won't work with as it doesn't fall within the boundaries of the OGG specification.

    Some video games use the MOGG file extension when multiple OGG files are stored in the same file.

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