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What is Rundll32.exe and How to Resovle this Error?

Posted in General   LAST UPDATED: APRIL 11, 2023

    If you are getting the Rundll32.exe error while starting up or shutting down the Windows 10 operating system, this article is just for you.

    Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the rundll32.exe error and how you can resolve it.

    What is Rundll32.exe and How to Resovle this Error?

    What is Rundll32.exe Error?

    Rundll32.exe files are system processes that are a part of a code network that connects many programs on the system. The same code is then reused for various programs like memory increase and the system processing power.
    The massive complexity of those code networks can sometimes cause errors and there are quite a few unpleasant reasons due to which the Windows 10 rundll32.exe error occurs.

    But the main reason that is responsible for the rundll32.exe error on Windows 10 is the corruption or missing of the DLL files. That being said, there are some other reasons as well.

    Cause of Rundll32.exe Error:

    There are a number of reasons that might cause you to face the rundll32.exe error like computer viruses that delete or damage the rundll32 file, spyware applications, bugged software, and more.

    • There are times when the tunability to run a file displays a rundll32.exe error.
    • If the Windows installation is incomplete or damaged, that too might trigger this type of error.
    • When Windows fails to load the rundll32.exe file.

    The fixes given below will help you solve the rundll32.exe error.

    How to Fix Rundll32.exe Error?

    1. Replace The Damaged File With Startup Repair

    1: Move to the search box and type Recovery options and then double-click Recovery options.

    2: Move to the Advanced startup then Restart now

    Replace the damaged file with startup repair

    3: Select Troubleshooting on the blue window that appears next.

    4: Select Advanced options then Startup Settings and then Restart.

    5: With settings, you will get a fresh list, then choose to Enable debugging.

    2. Apply the SFC Command

    One of the more common causes of the rundll32.exe error is file corruption. There are several reasons why this kind of corruption can take place but it can be fixed by running the scannow command. You just have to follow the given steps to do this task:

    1: Open the Win+X menu by pressing the Windows Key and X together and choose CMD admin to Powershell from the list.

    2: Enter SFC/scannow after this and then press enter to start the SFC scan.

    Apply the SFC command

    3: Do not interrupt the scan in between.

    Check if the problem still exists after the scan is done. You will be able to run the DISM scan if you cannot run the SFC scan or if the DLL error is still there. You can try these steps to do this:

    1: Run command prompt as an administrator.

    2: After this, run and enter DISM/Cleanup-Image/Online/RestoreHealth command. This scan will not start working.

    You can check if the issue is resolved after the DISM scan is completed but make sure that you run the SFC scan just after completing the DISM scan.

    3. Replace The Damaged Rundll File

    1: From the web download the Rundll32.exe file

    2: Then, replace the corrupted Rundll32.exe file with the fresh one.

    Rundll file

    3: Go to windows\system32\rundll32.exe and paste the file there.

    4: Restart your computer.

    4. Check If Your PC is Up To Date

    Mostly, it is the bugs in your Windows 10 computer that cause the rundll32.exe error but you cannot fix this issue with the latest updates installed. The missing updates will automatically be installed with this but you may avoid this error by keeping your system updated.

    1: First of all, open the Settings app by pressing Windows Key +I.

    2: Move to the Update & Security option.

    Check if the PC is up to date

    3: Then, click on the Updates button.

    The windows will then update in the background. After this is done, restart the PC and check if the error remains.

    5. Clear the Browser’s Cache And Close All Tabs

    Many users have reported that the Windows 10 rendll32.exe error is being caused in the browser. The reason for this is the scamming website that you might have opened intentionally or unintentionally. So you should definitely try to clear the cache and the browsing history if the error takes place in your browser.

    6. Perform A System Restore Option

    If the rundll32.exe error is repetitive, then you can fix it by simply performing a System Restore. Just follow the given steps to system restore your computer.

    1: Press Windows key + S first and then enter system restore and simply select Create a system restore point from the menu.

    2: Then, click the button ‘System Restore’.

    3: The System Restore window will now appear. Here, click next to proceed to the further step.

    System Restore

    4: Then, choose the desired restore point and then click Next to move further.

    5: Now, to make the restoration process complete, follow the instructions you get on the computer.

    After this, check if the rundll32.exe error is resolved.

    DLL Repair tool

    As has been mentioned in our previous articles with the DLL errors, you can always use the DLL Repair tool to fix any DLL error automatically.


    The Rundll32.exe error can be a frustrating issue for Windows 10 users, but it can be resolved with some simple solutions. The causes of the error can vary, from missing or corrupted DLL files to viruses and spyware.

    To solve this error you can try various fixes such as replacing the damaged file with a startup repair, applying the SFC command, replacing the damaged Rundll file, checking for updates, clearing the browser's cache and tabs, and performing a system restore option. Also, make sure to keep your system up-to-date to avoid such errors in the future.

    All the best!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Rundll32.exe?

    Rundll32.exe is a system process that is responsible for running DLL files on Windows. It is used by many programs on the system and is an important part of the operating system.

    2. What causes Rundll32.exe errors?

    Causes of Rundll32.exe errors include missing or corrupt DLL files, viruses or malware, damaged system files, or software conflicts.

    3. How can I fix a Rundll32.exe error?

    To fix a Rundll32.exe error you can try applying the SFC command, replacing the damaged Rundll file, checking if your PC is up to date, clearing the browser's cache and closing all tabs, and performing a system restore option.

    4. How can I prevent Rundll32.exe errors from occurring?

    To prevent Rundll32.exe errors from occurring you can keep your operating system and software up to date, run regular virus scans, and avoid suspicious websites and downloads.

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