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What is Use Case Testing in Software Testing?

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

    In this article, we will learn What use case testing is. First, let's understand:

    Use case testing

    What is Use Case in testing?

    A Use Case in Testing is used to describe the particular use of the software application by the users. It's based on what actions the user takes while using the application and the response of the application to these actions. it is widely used to create test cases at the acceptance level in software testing.

    Use Case Testing is a technique used in software testing to identify the test cases that cover the entire system of the application on a transaction-by-transaction basis from start to end.

    A test case is an interaction of the actor with the software application. Here actor can be a user or an external system.

    The Use case testing helps to find gaps between the software application that is not identified by the software testing components.

    Who uses “Use case” Documents

    • Software Developers
    • Software testers
    • Stakeholders

    Use of the "Use Case" documents

    Uses of the Documents?

    • The Use case documents help developers to design the code.

    • They are used to create test cases for software testers.

    • Business stakeholders use the document to understand the software requirements.

    How to do Use Case Testing: Example

    In the table below, we have created a Use Case to check a login functionality of a Web Application. "A" is representing the Actor or User and "S" is a system.

    Main Success Scenario Step Description
    A: Actor
    S: System
    1 A: Enter Actor's Name & Password
    2 S: Validate Password
    3 S: Allow Account Access
    Extensions 2a Password not valid
    S: Display the Message and ask for re-try 4 times
    2b Password not valid 4 times
    S: Close Application

    • First of all, the actor needs to enter the email and the password for the login functionality to work.
    • Then the system will validate the email and the password.
    • Next, if the system validated the password and its correct then access will be granted to the actor
    • If the password is not valid then the system will display a message and ask for re-try four times.
    • If the actor enters the password wrong 4 times then the system will ban the IP address.

    We will test the success scenario and the extensions. This testing is called Use Case testing in Software Testing.

    Related Questions

    1). What is the use case and test case?

    A use case helps us to understand the user's actions and the system's behavior. On the other hand, the test case is a document used by testers to check if the specific function is working or not.

    2). Who will write use cases in testing?

    Business Analysts usually write use cases.

    3). What is the main benefit of use case testing?

    It makes it easier to focus on a specific usage aspect at a time.

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