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Why Students should start Learning Python Language?

 JANUARY 24, 2019   by damon

With an ever-growing potential in technology, IT and computer sciences sector, everyone is trying to understand this niche to get an idea about what's happening around us and transform ourselves into successful and thoughtful human beings of the modern times. That's exactly why programming and coding became such a big topic during the early 2000's. As it started to grow even more, most teenagers started to learn this skill. Some of them just liked coding, while some wanted to get a high paying job.

Nowadays, it does not really matter what you plan to do with your new knowledge or how old you are, everyone can learn programming while grasping the easiest python coding language for IT beginners.

How can I start coding?

If one wants to start learning to code and succeed in this sphere, there are some useful tips listed below. First of all, everyone should understand that the beginning will be extremely hard. Just as one learns to speak new language, writing in it and communicating with others, it will take time to get comfortable with coding.

Grasp some concepts before jumping into coding:

  • don't skip computer science basics. Learn the most you can about how computers function before coding.

  • make sure to understand network communication. Understand networks and how computers communicate with each other and it's various different types.

  • understand what to do with a command line. Many college students are so scared to type something into a command line. Well, after the first try it'll become easier, and you can feel like you're turning into a hacker.

  • find out how to build a website. If being a web developer is your dream, you should understand how to build a website and get a domain name.

These four points will be a good base for learning and definitely will give you the required boost when you only start out with your programming journey.

Why should I choose Python?

Just as you use writing services to complete coursework and your asignments, you should not hesitate to ask for help from more experienced programmers when you are just starting out with coding languages. It depends on your teacher which language you will start using, it can be Java, HTML, CSS etc. But if you are starting on your own, though, everyone will probably recommend you Python. If the questions like what can you do with Python and why is it becoming the best coding language for beginners have lingered in your mind, we'll answer them for you.

1. You can do almost anything with it

If you're searching for a language that will open up new horizons for you, Python is the one. You see, it's a general-purpose language that means you can develop AI, analyze data, develop websites, and build tools, games, apps and so on. It's a very flexible language that covers different methods of problem-solving and doesn't limit you by basic rules.

2. It's beginner-friendly and easy to start with

This coding language was actually designed to be easy and fun to use, which is its USP to attract beginners. You can build everything with it as a beginner, and most of the experienced programmers state, that they are satisfied with using it for fun. That's why it's used as an introductory programming language in top universities over the world. Moreover, you don't have to learn all the complicated details at the beginning, because they are handled by Python itself, while you can enjoy the programming concepts. There are many python tutorials for beginners on the internet, including Studytonight.

3. Demand for Python programmers is high

We could say a lot about how easy it is, but the future you'll get after learning to code with this language will persuade you more. While this language is extremely flexible, the demand for Python programmers is reaching its high in this industry. Out of 100 languages, it's the 4th on the list. It is always relevant to all the updates, so it doesn't get old. As a result, the overall demand for learning it keeps this programming language in the first place.

Furthermore, the community of coders in this language is getting the top-5 places in different sites and meetups. As a result, getting help and mentorship is easy when you want to learn coding. Counting all the numbers, this community gets the 3rd place around the world.

We think these 3 points should be the main concern and python checks all the boxes. It can be used for almost anything, it's super easy to learn and it will get you a good job. So what are you waiting for, get on with it.



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