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Python String title()

In Python, String title() method, when applied on to a string, makes its first letter in Capital or Uppercase and rest of letters in Lowercase As we have seen in headings and title of many articles.

  • title() is an inbuilt function in python used for string handling.

  • This method converts the first letter of a string as a capital letter (Uppercase) and rest all letters in lowercase or small letters and returns the new string.

  • The new string that is returned is known as title cased (a string whose first letter is in Uppercase while rest are in Lower case).

Python String title(): Syntax

Below we have a basic syntax of String title() in Python:


Note: string in the above case denotes the value of the string variable that is needed to be title cased.

Python String title(): Parameters

As from the syntax, it is clear that this method does not take any parameters:

  • If any parameter is passed into this then this will raise an error.

  • In this method, we use a string with a dot operator to show the output.

Python String title(): Returned Values

This method mainly returns a copy of string whose first letter is in uppercase and rest all letters are in Lowercase; then the whole string is known as title cased string

Python String title(): Basic Example

Below we have an example to show the working of String title() method:

h1 = "I am A JOHN CENA FAN!"
h2= "I lOvE sTuDyTonight"

print("Original string: ", h1)
print("title(): ", h1.title(), "\n")
print("Original string: ", h2)
print("title(): ", h2.title(), "\n")

In the above example, we have printed the values of original strings as well as title cased strings. The Output for the same is given below:

Original String: I am A JOHN CENA FAN!
title(): I Am A John Cena Fan!
Original String: I LOvE sTuDyTonight
title() : I Love Studytonight

Python String title(): Another Example

There is a program below where the values are inputted by the user and later on, the title() method will be applied to them. Let us see the snippet of code:

for i in range(0, 2):
    print("Enter the string: ")
    a = input()
    print("Original String: ", a)
    print("title(): ", a.title(), "\n")

The output for the same is given below:

Enter the string:
ArUn KumAr
Original String: ArUn KumAr
title(): Arun Kumar

Enter the string:
ROHit SHarMa
Original String: ROHit SHarMa
title(): Rohit Sharma

Time For Live Example!

Let us look at the live example given below for a better understanding of String title():


In this tutorial, we have learned title() method with returned values and parameters which is further followed by a live example.