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Python program to print even length words in a string

In this tutorial, you will learn to print even-length words in a given string. Strings in Python are a sequence of characters wrapped inside single, double, or triple quotes. To solve this problem, we will have to find the length of the words and select only those words whose length is even. For example,

Input: "Welcome to Studytonight"

Output: to Studytonight

Input: "hello to the coders"

Output: to coders

The approach for solving this problem is to use the split() method to separate out the words in the string. It is a function of string class that returns a list of the words in the string. Then we will use the len() method to find the length of the words returned by split(). We will use the if condition to select and print only those words whose length is even.


Follow the algorithm to understand the approach better.

Step 1- Define a function that will print even words in the string

Step 2- Use split to extract the words

Step 3- Run a loop to iterate over the words

Step 4- Check if the length is even

Step 5- Print word if the length is even

Python Program

Look at the program to understand the implementation of the above-mentioned approach.

Words in a string can be extracted by giving space (" ") as the separator.

To check if the word has an even length we will divide the length by 2 and see if the remainder is 0 or not. If the remainder is 0, this means that the length is even and then we will print the word.

# print even length words

# function
def PrintEvenWords(s):
    # splitting words
    s=s.split(' ')
    # iterate over words 
    for word in s:
        if len(word)%2==0:
            # printing even length words

string= " Python is good for me"



In this approach, we have discussed how to print words with even length in a string using split() and len() built-in functions.