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15 Minutes of Daily Stand-up Meeting/Daily Scrum

The Scrum Master will establish your daily scrum. This is also commonly referred to as the daily standup meeting, or standup, for short. In order for scrum to work, it relies on the three C's:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Cadence

The standup includes all three. It is the foundational element of collaboration as it includes everyone on the team: the developers, the testers, the product owner, and scrum master.

It occurs at the same time every day, so your scrum master will select a time for the standup that works for everyone. For teams that are co-located or within a few timezones, this is pretty straightforward. For international teams, this can be a bit more challenging. But with today's video conferencing capabilities, this is achievable as well. The bottom line is that daily standup is one of the non-negotiable of the scrum framework. This is the time when tasks are moved across the board.

At the same time, your standup is not a progress report. No one should be delivering the full explanation of his or her activities, just the overview. Stakeholders are also encouraged to attend, but ask them to hold their questions and comments until the end of the scrum.

Daily scrum is short. It's limited to 15 minutes. It can be shorter, but it cannot be longer. The whole team stands to keep it fast, thus the shorthand name, standup. The scrum master also limits updates to three questions per person: What did you do yesterday?, What are you going to do today?, and Is anything blocking your progress? As individuals go through these questions, the whole team understands their progress as a unit and see how their work fits into the whole.