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Get Stories Done in Sprint

In Scrum, the team takes their sprint commitment very seriously. They're striving each day to collaborate and get their stories to done.

Remember, in Scrum, done means usable product that meets the acceptance criteria. Since that's the goal, the team is developing and testing the entire time, to ensure the entire story Acceptance Criteria is met.

The Acceptance Criteria approval though, has to come from the product owner. Since the product owner is the business representative on the team, their acceptance or rejection is the final word.

There are four key elements of successful execution of Sprint:

  • Daily Planning
  • Daily Collaboration
  • Focus and Done
  • Measurement

Daily Planning

Discuss everyday with your Scrum master and plan your day together. Take up a new fresh story and start working on that. As the story completes, pass on the workflow to respective testing team and plan for new task.

Daily Collaboration

Collaborate with your team and Product owner and understand the definition of done for each story on which you are working on. Collaboration is required to get the team progress on the current sprint.

Focus and Done

The easiest way to stay focused on Done is by showing your work to the customer frequently. You need this on-going feedback to ensure that when you think something is done, everyone else thinks so too.


Measurement is another way to execute successful sprint. Track your progress on burndown chart everyday.

As the team completes the tasks, the Scrum Master keeps track of what was done and uses the Burndown Chart to show the team whether they're on track to complete their commitment for the sprint.

The most commonly tracked Agile measure is Velocity. This is simply the number of points a team completes from their backlog each sprint.

The team acknowledges their progress and keeps their eye on what's coming. This collaboration helps the team maintain awareness of the whole project. It keeps the team focused on the big picture while delivering a usable product in every sprint.