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Basics of Servlet technology

This Test will cover the basic concepts of Servlet Technology, including Http protocol, Http Method, Web intoduction etc.
Q.Which of the following statement is not correct about HTTP method ?
Q. Servlet runs each request in a __________ ?

Q. GenericServlet class is encapsulated inside __________ package
Q. Which class provide implementation for service() method ?
Q. _________ is responsible for managing execution of servlet
Q. When using HTML forms which of the following is true for POST method ? Select the one correct answer.
Q. Deployment Descriptor(DD) is a _________ .

Q. Deployment Descriptor(DD) is used for initializing parameter. True or False?
Q. Which method is called only once in Servlet life cycle ?
Q. Which of the following is not a valid HTTP/1.1 method. Select the correct answer.

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