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Test for Events and Listener

This Test will cover Function in Attribute Listener, Request Listener, Session Listener, ServletContext Listener etc.
Q Which statement about listeners are not true ?
Q. When declaring a listener in the deployment descriptor, which sub-elements of the < listener> element are required ?

Q. Which method of ServletContextListener is invoked when an Servlet Application is initialized ?
Q. Which event class gives notifications about changes to the attributes of ServletRequest in an application ?
Q. Which method give notification that a new attribute is added to ServletRequest or ServletContext ?
Q. Which of the following is not a valid Listener related to session ?
Q Which method of HttpSessionListener give notification when a session is created. ?

Q. HttpSessionActivationListener let's you know when a session moves from one Virtual machine to another ?
Q. Which event class gives notification about lifecycle events for a ServletRequest ?
Q. requestInitialized(ServletRequestEvent e) is invoked ?

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