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C Program to find the Length of the String using Recursion

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Logic To Find The Length Of The String:

  • Here the main function calls back the recursive function, by passing the arguments,
  • The character str is checked whether it is null or not,
  • If the character has no value it will return the 'i' value,
  • In case the value is not 0, Then the function will be called by incrementing the value of 'i',
  • The function is called until the value is 0,
  • main() func returns the value of the length of the string.

C Program To Calculate The Length Of The String Using Recursion:

int length(char *str,int i)
     return i;
int main()
    char str[50];  
    int find;
    printf("Enter The String To Find Length: ");
    printf("Length Of The Given String Is'%s'= %d",str,find);
    return 0;


Find Length

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