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Store College Students Information Using A Structure

In C/C++, a structure is a user-defined data type. A structure provides a data type that can be used to combine objects of different types into a single type.

How To Declare Structure In C Programming?

The keyword "struct" is used to specify a structure. "struct" is a new data type that is a collection of various data types. Structure variables can be defined either as part of the structure declaration or as a separate declaration, similar to basic types.

What Is The Syntax Of Structure?

The syntax of structure in c programming is:

struct structure_name





How Will You Access Structure Elements?

The elements from the structure can be accessed using (.) Dot Operator.

Programm To Store Students Information Using Structure:

#include <stdio.h>

struct student {
    char first_name[50];
    char last_name[50];
    int roll_number;
    char grade [10];
} s[50];

int main() {
    int x, i;
    // x is the total no. of students

    printf("Enter the number of students: ");
    scanf("%d", &x);
    // To store the student's information
    printf("\nEnter the students's informations:\n");
    for (i = 0; i < x; i++) {
        s[i].roll_number = i + 1;
        printf("\nInformation for Roll Number:\t%d\n", s[i].roll_number);

        printf("Enter the first name: ");
        scanf("%s", s[i].first_name);

        printf("Enter the last name: ");
        scanf("%s", s[i].last_name);

        printf("Enter the Grade: ");
        scanf("%s", s[i].grade);

    // To display the student's information
    printf("\n\nDisplay the student's information:\n");
    for (i = 0; i < x; i++) {
        printf("\nThe Roll Number:\t%d\n", i + 1);

        printf("The First Name: ");

        printf("The Last Name: ");

        printf("The Grade: ");
    return 0;


Enter the number of students: 5

Enter the students's informations:

Information for Roll Number: 1
Enter the first name: Tony
Enter the last name: Stark
Enter the Grade: o O

Information for Roll Number: 2
Enter the first name: Steven
Enter the last name: Steve
Enter the Grade: A

Information for Roll Number: 3
Enter the first name: Chi  ris
Enter the last name: Hems
Enter the Grade: B= +

Information for Roll Number: 4
Enter the first name: Loki
Enter the last name: Odin
Enter the Grade: O+

Information for Roll Number: 5
Enter the first name: Black
Enter the last name: Widow
Enter the Grade: A+

Display the student's information:

The Roll Number: 1
The First Name: Tony
The Last Name: Stark
The Grade: O

The Roll Number: 2
The First Name: Steven
The Last Name: Steve
The Grade: A

The Roll Number: 3
The First Name: Cris
The Last Name: Hems
The Grade: B+

The Roll Number: 4
The First Name: Loki
The Last Name: Odin
The Grade: O+

The Roll Number: 5
The First Name: Black
The Last Name: Widow
The Grade: A+

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