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Computer Architecture Interview Questions - 1

This Test will cover complete Computer Architecture with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. The __________ format is usually used to store data.
Q. To reduce the memory access time we generally make use of __________.
Q. __________ is generally used to increase the apparent size of the physical memory.
Q. MFC stands for __________?

Q. The time delay between two successive initiations of memory operations is called __________?
Q. The I/O interface required to connect the I/O device to a bus consists of __________?
Q. __________ bus structure is usually used to connect I/O devices.
Q. The control unit controls other units by generating __________.
Q. __________ are numbers and encoded characters, generally used as operands.

Q. The Input devices can send information to the processor, __________. Complete the sentence with appropriate option.
Q. The ALU makes use of __________ to store the intermediate results.
Q. Small in size but extremely fast RAMs are popularly known as __________.
Q. Which memory device is generally made of semi-conductors?
Q. A source program is usually in __________.

Q. The 8-bit encoding format used to store data in a computer is __________.

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