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Computer Architecture Interview Questions - 5

This Test will cover complete Computer Architecture with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. The physical memory is not as large as the address space spanned by the processor. True or False?
Q. The main purpose of having memory hierarchy is to __________.
Q. The program is divided into operable parts called as __________.
Q. The binary address issued to data or instructions are called as __________.

Q. The key factor/s in commercial success of a computer is/are __________.
Q. An effective way to introduce parallelism in memory access is by __________.
Q. __________ translates Logical address into Physical address.
Q. The main aim of virtual memory organisation is __________.
Q. The techniques which move the program blocks to or from the physical memory is called as __________.

Q. __________ is used to implement virtual memory organisation.
Q. The virtual memory basically stores the next segment of data to be executed on the __________.
Q. The DMA doesn't make use of the MMU for bulk data transfers. True or False?
Q. The main objective of the computer system is __________.
Q. The associatively mapped virtual memory makes use of __________.

Q. The performance of the system is greatly influenced by increasing the level 1 cache. True or False?

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