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Computer Architecture Interview Questions - 8

This Test will cover complete Computer Architecture with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. The access time is composed of __________.
Q. The __________ process divides the disk into sectors and tracks.
Q. __________ is used to detect and correct the errors that may occur during data transfers.
Q. The delay reduced to in the carry look ahead adder is __________.

Q. The disk drive is connected to the system by using the __________.
Q. To distinguish between two sectors we make use of __________.
Q. The final addition of the numbers, 0110 & 0110 is __________.
Q. We make use of __________ circuits to implement multiplication.
Q. The read and write operations usually start at __________ of the sector.

Q. __________ is used to deal with the difference in the transfer rates between the drive and the bus.
Q. In full adders the sum circuit is implemented using __________.
Q. The disk system consists of which of the following:
i. Disk
ii. Disk drive
iii. Disk controller
Q. The data can be accessed from the disk using __________.
Q. The set of corresponding tracks on all surfaces of a stack of disks form a __________.

Q. The carry generation function: ci + 1 = yici + xici + xiyi, is implemented in __________.

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