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Computer Architecture Interview Questions - 7

This Test will cover complete Computer Architecture with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. The digital information is stored on the hard disk by __________.
Q. The main reason for the discontinuation of semi-conductor based storage devices for providing large storage space is __________.
Q. One of the most widely used schemes of encoding used is __________.
Q. The logic operations are simpler to implement using logic circuits. True or False?

Q. A hard disk with 20 surfaces will have __________ heads.
Q. The read/write heads must be near to disk surface for better storage. True or False?
Q. For the synchronization of the read head, we make use of a __________.
Q. The logic operations are implemented using __________ circuits.
Q. The drawback of Manchester encoding is __________.

Q. A __________ gate is used to detect the occurrence of an overflow.
Q. __________ pushes the heads away from the surface as they rotate at their standard rates.
Q. Which of the following is true in reference to the CARRY in the ripple adders.
Q. In a normal adder circuit the delay obtained in generation of the output is __________.
Q. The air pressure can be countered by putting __________ in the head-disc surface arrangement.

Q. The usual implementation of the carry circuit involves __________.

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