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Computer Architecture Interview Questions - 3

This Test will cover complete Computer Architecture with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. Unit is used for allocating dynamic objects which do not adhere to stack discipline is __________.
Q. Specified telling that what addressing mode will be used for accessing operand, is called __________.
Q. Register allocation algorithms are particularly based on technique, named as __________.
Q. Optimization: Finding two examples of an expression, computing same value and saving value of 1st computation in a temporary variable, is referred as __________.

Q. Length of 80 x 86 instructions can vary between __________.
Q. Optimizations, commonly known as Basic Block, by compiler people is __________.
Q. Procedure when call procedure that has been called, saving registers it wants for using, when caller has been left unrestrained, is known as __________.
Q. Replacing instances of a variable, to which a constant is assigned with constant, is referred as __________.
Q. When call procedure saving registers which it wants to be preserved to access even after call, is referred to as __________.

Q. One that is used to allocate local variables is __________.
Q. Vector architectures are operated on vectors of __________.
Q. Graph coloring gives best results, when there are at-least __________.
Q. Compilers usually chooses which procedure calls has to be expanded inline before knowing size of procedure, that is being called, stated problem is known as __________.
Q. An Operation is normally specified in one field, known as __________.

Q. Optimizations on sources with output leading to later optimization passes are known as __________.

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