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Computer Architecture Interview Questions - 6

This Test will cover complete Computer Architecture with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. The algorithm which replaces the block which has not been referenced for a while is called __________.
Q. The algorithm which removes the recently used page first is __________.
Q. The LRU can be improved by providing a little randomness in the access. True or False?
Q. In micro-programmed approach, the signals are generated by __________.

Q. In LRU, the referenced blocks counter is set to '0' and that of the previous blocks are incremented by one and others remain same, in case of __________.
Q. In the directly mapped cache no replacement algorithm is required. True or False?
Q. The LRU provides very bad performance when it comes to __________.
Q. The counter that keeps track of how many times a block is most likely used is __________.
Q. A word whose individual bits represent a control signal is __________.

Q. In associative mapping during LRU, the counter of the new block is set to '0' and all the others are incremented by one, when __________ occurs.
Q. Individual control words of the micro routine are called as __________.
Q. In set associative and associative mapping there exists less flexibility. True or False?
Q. The surroundings of a recently accessed block is called as __________.
Q. To read the control words sequentially, __________ is used.

Q. The special memory used to store the micro routines of a computer is __________.

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