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Computer Architecture Interview Questions - 4

This Test will cover complete Computer Architecture with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. __________ serves as an intermediary between the device and the buses.
Q. The side of the interface circuits, that has the data path and the control signals to transfer data between interface and device is __________.
Q. The interface circuits __________.
Q. The conversion from parallel to serial data transmission and vice versa takes place inside the interface circuits. True or False?

Q. The DMA differs from the interrupt mode by __________.
Q. The DMA transfer is initiated by __________.
Q. The registers of the controller are of __________.
Q. When a process requests for a DMA transfer __________.
Q. The technique where the controller is given complete access to main memory is __________.

Q. The controller uses __________ to help with the transfers when handling network interfaces.
Q. To overcome the conflict over the possession of the bus we use __________.
Q. The DMA transfers are performed by a control circuit called as __________.
Q. After the completion of the DMA transfer the processor is notified by __________.
Q. When the R/W bit of the status register of the DMA controller is set to 1, __________.

Q. The DMA controller has __________ registers.

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