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Computer Networks Basics

Let's Revise Quickly!
Q. Network of networks is known as __________.
Q. Each IP packet must contain __________.
Q. When a packet with a code is transmitted, it is received and processed by every machine on the network. This mode of operation is called __________.

Q. Point-to-point transmission with one sender and one receiver is sometimes called __________.
Q. The entities comprising the corresponding layers on different machines are called __________.
Q. When the packets are small and all of the same size, they are often called __________.
Q. A collection of interconnected networks is called as __________.

Q. __________ provides a connection-oriented reliable service for sending messages.
Q. When each ray is said to have a different mode, then fiber having this property is called __________.
Q. The number of oscillations per second of a wave is called its __________.
Q. The Last part of an IP address represents __________.
Q. How many bits are there in an Ethernet address?
Q. ADSL is the abbreviation for __________.
Q. What is the use of Bridge in Networks?
Q. What are firewalls in computer network?

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