DBMS MCQs Test 9

This Test will cover complete DBMS with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.

Q. Aggregate functions are functions that take a __________ as input and return a single value.
Q. All aggregate functions except __________ ignore null values in their input collection.
Q. The __________ connective, tests for set membership, where the set is a collection of values produced by a SELECT clause. The __________ connective, tests for the absence of set membership.
Q. We can test for the non-existence of tuples in a subquery by using the __________ construct.

Q. The __________ keyword is used to access attributes of preceding tables or subqueries in the FROM clause.
Q. Subqueries cannot __________.
Q. The EXISTS keyword will be true if __________.
Q. How can you find rows that do not match some specified condition?
Q. Which of the following creates a Virtual relation for storing the query?

Q. Which of the following is the syntax to CREATE a View where v is view name?
Q. Which of the following is used at the end of the View to reject the tuples which do not satisfy the condition in where clause?
Q. A __________ consists of a sequence of query and/or update statements.
Q. To include integrity constraint in a existing relation use :
Q. Dates must be specified in the format
Q. A(n) __________ on an attribute of a relation is a data structure that allows the database system to find those tuples in the relation that have a specified value for that attribute efficiently, without scanning through all the tuples of the relation.