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Install Docker on Mac OS

Docker provides a desktop application that is super easy to install and run on the Mac operating system. Just like we install docker desktop application on windows 10 and docker toolbox for older windows versions. Similarly, the latest Docker desktop application is available for Mac OS whereas for older Mac OS versions we will have to set up the docker toolbox for running docker.

Docker Mac System Requirements

You should have your Mac OS running machine with hardware not older than the year 2010 as the docker desktop application will need the intel's hardware support for memory management unit (MMU) virtualization, including Extended Page Tables (EPT) and Unrestricted Mode.

The Mac OS version should be 10.13 or newer, which is one of the following: Catalina, Mojave, or High Sierra

And a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

Installing Docker on Mac OS

Download the docker.dmg file from the Docker Hub - Docker Desktop for Mac.

Click on the downloaded docker.dmg file to open and mount it. Once it is opened you will see the following pop up window:

Install docker desktop for Mac OS

As instructed in the popup window, drag and drop the icon into the Applications folder to start the installation.

Once the installation is complete, unmount the docker.dmg file.

Start Docker Desktop on Mac

Double click on the Docker icon available in the Applications folder or from the Launchpad.

start docker desktop on mac os

You will be asked for your system password as the docker application requires privileged access.

start docker desktop app on mac os

Click on OK, and provide your system password to proceed.

Once the docker gets started you will see the whale icon appear in the top navigation bar and you can click on it to see more docker related options.

start docker on mac OS

To verify if docker has started successfully, run the following command in terminal:

docker --version

docker --version command output

Uninstall Docker in Mac OS

To uninstall the Docker Desktop application from your Mac OS, click on the Docker whale icon in the top navigation bar, from the docker menu options, click on Troubleshoot, and then click on Uninstall to uninstall the docker desktop application.

Uninstalling docker from Mac OS

So in this tutorial, we learned to install the docker desktop application on Mac OS. From the next tutorial onwards we will start playing around with docker and will start learning docker concepts.

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