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GATE 2020 - Compiler Design Test

This Test will cover topics like Parser, Algorithms and Core Compiler Topics.
Q. Resolution in externally defined symbols is performed by __________ ?
Q. A simple two-pass Assembler does which of the following in the first pass?
Q. The symbol table implementation is based on the property of locality of reference is __________ ?
Q. Access time of the Symbol table will be logarithmic, if its implemented by __________ ?

Q. Recursive Descent Parsing is an example of __________ ?
Q. In Operator Precedence Parsing, precedence relations are defined __________ .
Q. The most important parser is __________ ?
Q. YACC builds up __________ ?
Q. Which of the following translation program converts assembly language programs to object program?

Q. The Segment Base is specified using the register named __________ ?
Q. Left Factoring is the process of factoring out common?
Q. The method which merges the bodies of two loop is?
Q. Loop is a collection of nodes that is?
Q. The Process Manager has to keep track of __________ ?
Q. Which table is permanent databases that has an entry for each terminal symbol?

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