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GATE 2020 - Compiler Design Test 4

This Test will cover complete Compiler Design with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. Peephole Optimization is a form of?
Q. Substitution of values for names whose values are constant, is done in?
Q. A Compiler for a high level language that runs on one machine and produces code for a different machine is called?
Q. A Linker reads four modules whose lengths are 200, 800, 600 and 500 words, respectively. If they are loaded in that order, what are the relocation constants?

Q. Whether a given pattern constitutes a token or not, depends on the?
Q. Concept which can be used to identify loops is?
Q. The Optimization technique which is typically applied on loops is?
Q. Which of the following is a top-down parser?
Q. Which data structure in a compiler is used for managing information about variables and their attributes?

Q. In a compiler, keywords of a language are recognized during?
Q. Which languages necessarily need heap allocation in the run time environment?
Q. The grammar S->aSa | bS | c is?
Q. Local and Loop Optimization in return provide motivation for?
Q. Any transcription error can be repaired by?
Q. In which of the following no information hiding is done?

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