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GATE 2020 - Algorithms Test 2

This Test will cover trick questions about Sorting algorithms, some numerical and a few questions about Trees.
Q. Breadth-first traversal(BFS) is a method to traverse __________ ?
Q. A machine needs a minimum of 100 sec to sort 1000 names by Quick Sort. The minimum time needed to sort 100 names will be approximately?
Q. A machine took 200 sec to sort 200 names, using Bubble Sort. In 800 sec, it can approximately sort?
Q. For merging two sorted lists of sizes m and n into a sorted list of size m+n, we require comparisons of __________ ?

Q. Algorithm which solves the all-pair Shortest Path problem is __________ ?
Q. The way a card game player arranges his cards as he picks them up one by one, is an example of __________ ?
Q. If there is an NP-complete language L whose complement is in NP, then complement of any language in NP is in?
Q. Which of the following is correct?
Q. Both P and NP are closed under the operation of?

Q. In a binary max heap containing n numbers, the smallest element can be found in __________ time?
Q. To implement Dijkstra's Shortest Path algorithm on Unweighted Graphs so that it runs in linear time, then data structure to be used is __________ ?
Q. Which one of the following needs the minimum number of swaps?
Q. The maximum number of binary trees that can be formed with three unlabelled nodes are __________ ?
Q. Which of the following Sorting Algorithms has the lowest worst-case complexity?
Q. The Inorder and Preorder traversal of a binary tree are d f e a f c g and a b d e c f g respectively. Then the Postorder traversal of that binary tree will be __________ ?

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