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Setting up Maven Environment

Maven is one of the handy tool which can be set up quickly and can be made it ready for any java projects within a max of 10 minutes. Also, the maven downloadable package is also very light weight. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to download and set up the maven in the windows environment.

STEP 1 to setup Maven

Download the latest version of the maven from website.

Download Apache Maven Project

NOTE : Any version of the maven which is above 3.2 requires JDK version to be 1.6 and above.

STEP 2 to setup Maven

Once the download is successful. Unzip the downloaded maven zip and place it in a drive containing all the java related artifacts. E.g. D:\Java\apache-maven-3.2.5 , in case you have downloaded any other latest release than the version may differ, but thats not a problem.

Apache Maven Project Folder on PC

STEP 3 to setup Maven

Now we need to set up the class path Java (JAVA_HOME) and Maven (M2_HOME). If you already have JAVA_HOME set, then you only need to set M2_HOME for Maven. Kindly ensure that the required version of the jdk has been installed.

Setting Maven Environment Variable

Now edit the variable Path in the System variables to include the JAVA_HOME and M2_HOME.

Adding to Path System Variable

STEP 4 to setup Maven

If the above steps are carried out successfully, then we are done with the installation and setup process of the maven tool. Now in this final step, we would be verifying for the same and ensure things are fine accordingly.

Just open up the command prompt from the Start -> Command Prompt and in the command prompt just type the maven command mvn -version and press enter. It will display the results as shown below and confirms that our maven setup is successful and completed.

Checking Whether Maven is installed Successfully or not