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8 Best Root Android Apps

Posted in Innovation   LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 30, 2021

    Android Rooting Apps are used for controlling mobile phones or tablets for boosting phone speed and optimizing battery life. The users can use such applications for blocking advertisements, accessing the important and hidden files on the devices. Here is the list of free and paid software for Android which provides the best Rooting services.

    1) Dr.Fone - Root


    Dr.Fone – Root is a software that offers the users to download and install software blocked by the carriers, uninstall the bloatware to prevent unwanted usage of RAM and CPU, and provides quick root and unroot options for the phone to the users.



    • Free tool for removing the advertisements present in other applications from Android. Provides photosphere and slow-motion video features to the users.
    • Offers to increase the mobile phone’s performance.
    • The users can download and install the latest Android version of the Android phone using this APK application.
    • Users can download and run incompatible applications on Android phones.

    2) OneClickRoot


    OneClickRoot offers rooting for Android devices with a fast speed and security. The users can optimize their phone’s speed and battery life along with blocking the ads in the downloaded applications.



    • Offers to download and run applications unavailable in the user’s country.
    • Offers byte by byte backup of the files when users are using mobile data.
    • Users can also use the free wireless tethering offered by this application.
    • Allows users to download and install incompatible applications on the device. The users can also access important hidden files on the device.

    3) Rescue Root


    Rescue Root provides the rooting of Android devices with a single mouse click and has a compatible rooting database for all devices. The users can enjoy making unlimited backups of the contacts, messages, applications, and easy protection of their devices.



    • Offers customization root for the specific device.
    • The users can restore the device to the previous unrooted state at any given point in time.
    • Provides 24*7 customer care support.
    • This application is compatible with all Android devices. Offers data restoration facility unlimitedly.

    4) XBooster Root


    XBooster Root application offers a user-friendly interface to users and optimizes the device's overall performance. The users can use this software for improving the battery life of the Android devices and efficiently removing the applications on the Android system.

    XBooster Root


    • The RAM is saved on Android devices.
    • Offers to remove useless background applications.
    • Provides enhanced graphics for the users to enjoy videos and gaming.

    5) KingoRoot


    KingoRoot applications offer support for all the available Android versions of the operating system. This application provides the user with a user-friendly interface offering the users easy customization of the phones, saving the space on their phone, and rooting the Android device with a single click.



    • Offers the customization of the phone without inconvenience.
    • Provides rooting options to a wide variety of phones, such as LG, HTC, Samsung.
    • The users can increase the phone’s performance.
    • Provides the feature for streamlining the Android phone. The users can also root the android device with a PC.

    6) SRSRoot


    SRSRoot is an Android software for rooting a device using a single click of the mouse. The users can also reset the gestures and user lock the device.



    • The users can easily root and unroot their Android devices.
    • The device starts working faster.
    • Offers to optimize and increase the battery life of Android devices. Offers users control of the features of the entire Android device.

    7) SuperSU Root


    SuperSU Root is software developed for Android devices as a tool to manage access by the user. The users can access the logging and log of detailed information, requiring the superuser permissions, using this application.



    • Permanent and temporary, both rooting options are available for the users of this software.
    • Offers to uninstall the previously installed application on the user’s Android device.
    • The users can manage the root access of all the downloaded and installed apps from the Google Play Store very easily.

    8) ROM Toolbox Pro


    ROM Toolbox Pro is an Android rooting software making the Android device work faster. The users can use this software for creating, restoring, and managing backups as well as wiping the data, cache, and battery status from the Android device.



    • Allows to copy-paste, delete, view, and move multiple files easily.
    • The users can avail to change the file ownership and related permissions using this software.
    • Offers to disable the apps from running on the startup of the Android device.
    • Provides custom fonts that can be installed on the SD card and used by the user on the Android device.
    • The users can also enjoy creating a boot animation from any file available in GIF format. The users can also opt to change the boot logo on the device using the ROM Toolbox.


    The above-listed applications can be used for rooting and uprooting the Android devices to optimize their performance and speed by the user.

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