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Helpful Shortcuts of IDLE for Python Beginners

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: JUNE 26, 2023

    Have you just started learning Python? Yes? No? If Yes, then you must have been introduced to IDLE while learning about Python programming. Below down we have a few Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts, which will make your life a little easy while learning and executing Python code on IDLE. If No, then you must be interested in learning Python, or in learning more about IDLE.

    Nevertheless, let's begin.

    Helpful Shortcuts of IDLE for Python Beginners

    TAB Completion

    Type any alphabet in the IDLE and hit the TAB key, and the TAB completion is here to help you. A drop-down window will appear with all the possible options available.

    TAB Completion

    Copy the Line

    Put the cursor on any line and hit Enter key. This will copy the line. And you can Paste it anywhere you want. This is an amazing way to copy lines of code to share on some other window, for example, paste in a text editor.

    Running commands from history

    Press ALT + P, to see the last run command. You can press ALT + P multiple times to trace back any command in history. To come back to recent history, either press the Delete key which will exit you from history, or press ALT + N to see the next history command.

    Exit from IDLE

    Press CTRL + Q to exit. This will close all the open windows and quit IDLE, but it will ask the user to save his/her code if unsaved.

    Close the Active Window

    Press ALT + F4 to close the current window.

    Save the Code

    CTRL + S will save the code of the current window to the associated file.

    Find and Replace

    To look for any word in the IDLE window, press CTRL + F to find. You can also use the Find and Replace option to directly replace the word, if required, use the shortcut CTRL + H to do so.

    Find Subsequent Code

    If you have already used CTRL + F to find a word or a string or a variable in your code and want to look for the next occurrence of the same word, string, or variable, then just press F3 and keep on pressing it to keep looking for more.

    Run the Program

    F5 for windows. Press F5 and the code in the current window will be compiled, interpreted and executed.

    Need Help?

    Press F1 to trigger Python Editor Context Help. This will display help related to the current action in the IDLE window. It is really helpful for beginners who love to explore.


    Select the code you want to comment on and press ALT + C and whoosh! its commented. To UnComment press ALT + U.


    We hope these few shortcuts will help you while learning to code in Python using IDLE. And if you already know to code in Python and are here just to know more about IDLE, we hope we did not disappoint you.

    Mastering the shortcuts and features of IDLE can significantly enhance your Python programming experience, especially as a beginner. By familiarizing yourself with the shortcuts and incorporating them into your workflow, you can save time, reduce repetitive tasks, and navigate through your code effortlessly.

    The shortcuts and tips provided in this guide are just a starting point. As you continue your journey in Python programming, explore the IDE further, experiment with different features, and discover shortcuts that align with your coding style. Remember, consistent practice and utilization of these shortcuts will ultimately boost your productivity and improve your coding proficiency.

    We hope this article has shed light on the helpful shortcuts available in IDLE for Python beginners. Take the time to practice and internalize these shortcuts, and soon they will become second nature, allowing you to focus on what matters most: writing clean, efficient, and elegant Python code.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    1. How can I open a new file in IDLE quickly?

    You can press Ctrl+N or go to the "File" menu and select "New File" to open a new file in IDLE.

    2. What is the shortcut to run Python code in IDLE?

    To run Python code in IDLE, you can press F5 or go to the "Run" menu and select "Run Module."

    3. How can I comment or uncomment code quickly in IDLE?

    To comment or uncomment a block of code in IDLE, you can select the lines and press Ctrl+1 to comment or Ctrl+2 to uncomment.

    4. Is there a shortcut to jump to a specific line in IDLE?

    Yes, you can press Ctrl+G to open the "Go to Line" dialog box in IDLE and enter the line number to jump to a specific line.

    5. Can I customize the shortcuts in IDLE?

    Yes, IDLE allows you to customize the shortcuts according to your preference. You can go to the "Options" menu, select "Configure IDLE," and navigate to the "Keys" tab to modify the shortcuts.

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