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How to setup TOR Browser in Linux and Windows

 JUNE 3, 2019   by vishalturbo

Disclaimer: This tutorial is only meant for educational purposes and we are not responsible for any illegal activity that one might execute using this tutorial.

In this How to guide we will learn how to anonymize your system completely using Tor browser for Linux machine as well as for Windows machine. So let's get started.

For Linux/Debian

We all know that Tor is a browser which can be used to access web anonymously, but we can anonymize our machine completely using Nipe script as well. Nipe script was built with Perl and is used to make tor network as a default gateway for any machine. Nipe only works for Linux/Debian based systems. To setup Nipe, we first need to check whether the Perl is installed on our system.

For installing Perl, run the following command:

sudo apt-get install Perl

For installing Nipe script, follow the following steps:

1. Clone the github repository

git clone

2) Open the cloned directory

cd nipe

3) Now run the following command:

cpan install Switch JSON LWP::UserAgent

4) Now run the install script

perl install

Once you are done running the commands, the Nipe script has been installed. To start nipe script, run the following command:

perl start

For checking status of nipe script, we can use the following command:

perl status

and for stopping nipe script,

perl stop

and if you want to restart the nipe script, here is the command for it:

perl restart

Once you are done starting the Nipe script, you can check whether your system's default gateway is tor or not. To do so open this below link in the browser (

NOTE: Browsing the dark web is very dangerous, your IP may get leaked while you are browsing the dark web. So it's better to use some VPN service before using dark web. Here is a website which may help you in doing so: DNS leak

For Windows

There is a tool called Tallow which provides a transparent Tor firewall and proxy solution for windows, the disadvantage is that tallow is not a complete strong anonymity solution.

You can download the tallow software from this link.

Once installed, press the big Tor icon to start anonymizing your traffic through Tor. Also, press the big Tor icon again to stop tallow after you are done.

If you face any issue, feel free to comment below.