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Top 10 HTML and Books for Developers to Read [2022]

    In the IT industry, Front-End Web Developers or Web Designers are in high demand, and the Front-End Developer Job also pays well. Thus, considering all of these factors, people's desire to pursue this career path seems very reasonable.

    CSS and HTML have stolen the market today, with more and more people eager to start digging deeper into them. A few of them are working to become a part of the professional programming and web design community while some just want to innovate and enhance the visual look of their own websites.

    Top 10 HTML and Books for Developers to Read

    If you are interested in either of the two then this is just the article you were looking for.

    Here, in this article, we will give you a neat and brief description of some of the best selling HTML books on the Amazon webstore.

    These books are not just for beginners but also for the experienced and the professionals.

    Best Books on HTML and CSS in 2022

    For Beginners

    1. Head First HTML and CSS

    CSS books

    For those who start learning HTML and have absolutely no previous experience, this is an absolute must-buy. Even if you are an absolute newcomer, this book would still make sense to you and is promised to help in creating the web pages right from scratch. For maintaining and expanding the webpages, there are instructions provided, so that they would fit and work in all the browsers and mobile devices. You will also find some additional material on CSS.

    The book is pretty easy to read as it is written in a pleasant, visually rich format. While creating it, the latest research in learning theory was used so you can rest assured that the HTML and CSS knowledge will stick in your head very well.

    Rating: 4.3/5 (Goodreads)
    Latest Edition: 2e

    2. HTML and CSS Quickstart Guide

    HTML books

    David DuRocher covers almost all of the key HTML and CSS fundamentals in this book. CSS elements, HTML tags, CSS styling, and how to put the pieces together, everything is covered in this book.

    It is a unique and fascinating approach to teaching HTML and CSS principles progressing from high-level overviews of CSS and HTML to more detailed, hands-on advice on how to build websites. A plethora of visual examples and hands-on activity back up all concepts. For individuals who are learning to code and create websites, this is an excellent resource.

    Exclusively designed for beginners, this book is actionable, thorough, and simple to read. For individuals learning to code and create websites, this is an excellent resource.

    These are some of the topics, this book speaks about: Site Structure and Responsive Design Principles, Correct Markup Best Practices, Modern Design Fundamentals, Breathing Life Into Your Projects, HTML and CSS For Beginners.

    Ratings: 4.2/5 (Google Play)
    Latest Edition: 3e

    3. Get Coding: Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript & Build a Website, App & Game – by Young Rewired State

    HTML books

    This book can be seen as the greatest HTML/CSS book for kids. It was written by Young Rewired State, a global tech community made up of teenagers and children.

    This book goes beyond HTML and CSS and it goes above and above by assisting children with JavaScript code. The text is so simple that even 8-year-olds can grasp it. It moves step by step through the three programming languages, before slowly moving on to the more difficult areas.

    For the kids who wish to start their programming skills in web development, this book is a complete guide.

    Rating: 4.1/5 (Goodreads)

    For Intermediates

    4. Learning Web Design

    CSS books

    For those who have actually nothing but the powerful desire to build web pages, this guide is a friendly and the perfect start. You will be introduced to simple and useful information in the beginning, keeping in mind the work of Web and web pages and then slowly grow up from there. You will be able to create a simple website and multiple column pages (perfectly adaptable for mobile devices) after you are done reading this book.

    You will learn lots of useful aspects about using the latest techniques, and web standards including HTML 5 and CSS 3 after digging through this tutorial. In each chapter, there are some good exercises that will help you to study all of these different techniques and even the short puzzles to assure that you have understood the key concepts.

    This book is mainly for a wide variety of people, be it students or professionals, who are either just beginning their journey or brushing their existing skills.

    You will learn to build HTML pages filled with all kinds of images, text, links, forms and tables. You can do a number of things:

    • Apply different colours to your webpage elements.
    • Apply simple animation effects.
    • Format the text to your own taste.

    Your pages will look great and they will be perfectly adaptive for mobile phones.

    JavaScript works will also be under your armoury and you will also find out its extreme importance in modern web design. You will learn how to optimize your web graphics so that they could be downloaded quickly and this simple feature will make your website stand out.

    Latest Edition: 5e
    Rating: 4.1/5 (Goodreads)

    5. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

    CSS books

    You will find an absolutely different approach to CSS and HTML in this book. By making the topics more accessible than ever, the authors have tried their best to introduce HTML and CSS to a much wider audience. The book will satisfy your needs in all three situations:

    • If building websites is your hobby.
    • If you are a student.
    • If you dare to call yourself a professional.

    The complex topics are explained in an engaging and simple way in the full coloured edition. Plus, the book is structured in such a manner that you can start from chapter 1 if you want, or, you could start from any chapter and you will have absolutely no trouble.

    Latest Edition: 3e
    Rating: 4.3/5 (Goodreads)

    6. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript All in One

    HTML books

    This book by Meloni and Kyrin is another complete resource for both beginners and advanced coders when it comes to HTML/CSS and JavaScript. It is like the one-stop shop of the three most important web development languages. The book will explain how CSS, HTML and Javascript interact in modern web development before providing well-organized step-by-step examples on how to use all the three technologies at the same time.

    In all the chapters you will find perfectly integrated HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript 6 fundamentals.

    Latest Edition: 3e
    Ratings: 4.4/5 (Goodreads)

    Best HTML/CSS Books For Experienced

    7.Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set (First Edition)

    CSS books

    This book will help you if you are someone who wants to know HTML and CSS before starting to master JavaScript and jQuery.

    A lot of topics are covered by the package, like images, structure, links, text, box-thinking, lists & tables styling, CSS styling, forms, colours, and even Google Analytics, HTML5 and SEO.

    In the “JavaScript & jQuery’s” introduction, a very simple and clear visual approach is used with a vast usage of infographics, diagrams and photos.

    Therefore, this book could really be an amazing tool at your disposal as it perfectly suits the beginning web designers and front-end developers.

    Rating: 3.8/5 (Goodreads)
    Latest Edition: 3e

    8. HTML 5 Black Book

    HTML books

    This is one of its kind reference book that has been written from the perspective of a Web expert. Including hundreds of examples and coverage of practically all the facets of HTML 5, it will help you in mastering a variety of Web technologies, including JavaScript, CSS3, XML, and AJAX, in addition to HTML5.

    You will be introduced to the latest features and elements of HTML5, like the video and audio media elements, the canvas element for sketching, etc.

    You will also learn to create Web apps using HTML5 and other Web technologies in the most recent versions of modern browsers.

    Ratings: 4.1/5 (Goodreads)
    Latest Edition: 2e

    9. HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies

    HTML books

    This is one of the best HTML/CSS publications, an all in one handbook "for dummies" that covers almost all of the HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals. Here you will find notes on the most recent HTML/CSS versions that are beginner-friendly.

    You will be gradually taken through the fundamentals of working with HTML5 and CSS3, then moved on to combining them with MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript to create genuinely usable websites.

    To put it in a simple manner, you can anticipate being covered comprehensively even in terms of the client-side elements and the server-side components, along with the terms of basic design and layout. Both new and experienced coders can profit from this book.

    Ratings: 4.2/5 (Goodreads)
    Latest Edition: 3e

    10.CSS Pocket Reference: Visual Presentation for the Web 4th Edition

    CSS books

    You can use this just as a quick revisit to answer the questions whenever you need it. With all the essential information for implementing CSS on the go, it is a very handy, brief little book. It is very well suited to advanced or intermediate web designers and developers, with all the updated info for CSS3 in the fourth edition. The complete alphabetical CSS3 reference can be found here, with a short introduction to CSS key concepts.

    Any style elements that you need, you will not be able to find and adapt. You can also discover the new CSS selectors and value types, implement multiple backgrounds, drop shadows, border images and rounded corners and get all the new information about transforms and transitions.

    Ratings: 4/5 (Goodreads)
    Latest Edition: 5e


    The field of front-end web development is gaining more importance day by day, and more people are interested in learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to become a part of the professional programming and web design community.

    This article has highlighted the top 5 HTML and CSS books that are perfect for beginners and intermediates, covering everything from site structure and responsive design principles to modern design fundamentals. Each of these books is designed to help you learn and understand the concepts of web design and development in a way that is both accessible and engaging. Whether you're looking to build a simple website or a more complex application, these books will help you get started and develop your skills.

    That's it for this article, Let us know the one that interests you the most.

    All the best!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should developers read HTML books?

    Developers should read HTML books to stay up to date with the latest best practices and techniques for building websites and web applications. Reading HTML books can also help developers improve their coding skills and build more efficient and effective web projects.

    2. Are there any free HTML books available for developers?

    Yes, there are many free HTML books available for developers online, such as "HTML Dog: The Best-Practice Guide to XHTML and CSS" by Patrick Griffiths and "A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3" by Shay Howe. These free resources can be a great starting point for developers who are new to HTML.

    3. Can HTML books be used for self-study or are they better suited for classroom learning?

    HTML books can be used for both self-study and classroom learning. Many HTML books include exercises and examples that can be completed independently, making them suitable for self-study. However, some developers may prefer the structure and guidance provided by a classroom setting.

    4. Can HTML books be used as a reference guide?

    Yes, many HTML books can be used as a reference guide for developers who need quick answers to specific questions or problems. Some books, such as "HTML5 Pocket Reference" by Jennifer Niederst Robbins, are designed specifically for this purpose.

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