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HTML del Tag

In HTML, we use the <del> tag to indicate that the enclosed text has been deleted from the document. This tag is used to display the deleted text, which is displayed with a strike through the text.

  • The <del> tag is used to provide information about changes and updates made to a document.

  • The web browser renders the enclosed text as strikethrough.

  • The <del> tag comes under the category of Logical Style elements.

HTML <del> Tag - Syntax and Usage

The <del> tag requires the start(opening) tag and end(closing) tag.

Following is the syntax for using the <del> tag in your HTML code:

    deleted text

HTML <del> Tag Basic Example

Below we have a basic example showing how we can use the HTML <del> tag,

HTML <del> Tag Attributes

This element does not have any specific attributes although this element supports Global attributes and Event attributes.

Some other important attributes used along with <del> tag are given below:

1. cite:

  • This attribute is used to indicate the reason for deletion.

  • The value of this attribute is URL(Universal Resource Locator), which points to some other document that describes the deleted text.

Here is an example,

<p><del cite="/path/to/reason_for_deletion.html">This text has been deleted.</del></p>

2. datetime:

  • It is used to indicate the time of deletion.

  • It takes only a single value which is the date and time when the text got deleted.

Here is an example,

<p><del datetime="2020-05-15T22:55:03Z">This text has been deleted.</del></p>

HTML <ins> tag:

When we delete some text in a webpage, we can use the <del> tag to show it and if there is some other text inserted in the place of the deleted text, we can show it on the webpage using the <ins> tag.

Let's take an example:

<p>We no longer sell <del>ProductX</del>, instead, we now have the new <ins>ProductY</ins>.</p>

Try using the <ins> tag in the Code playground above and you will see that the text enclosed within the <ins> tag is underlined.

Default CSS style for HTML <del> tag

del {
    text-decoration: line-through;

Browser Support for HTML <del> tag

Following browsers support this attribute:

  • Firefox 1+

  • Google Chrome 1+

  • Internet Explorer 4+

  • Safari 1+

  • Opera 7+

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