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HTML html Tag

The HTML <html> tag is the first element that comes after the <!doctype> element on a webpage. All the other HTML tags come inside the opening and closing <html> tag.

  • It is also known as the root element/main element that needs to be present in all HTML documents or webpages.

  • All other elements like <head>, <title>, <body>, <p>, <audio>, <img> and many more need to be specified inside the opening and closing <html> tag.

  • This element allows the browser to identify the document type.

HTML <html> Tag - Syntax and Usage

The <html> tag requires the start(opening) tag and end(closing) tag. The required syntax for it is:

    <!-- entire HTML document comes here -->

HTML <html> Tag Basic Example

Below we have a basic example for a clear understanding of <html> tag:

As you can see in the example above, the <html> tag is the tag in which all other HTML tags are added.

HTML <html> Tag Attributes

This element does not have any specific attributes although this element supports Global attributes and Event attributes.

Attributes Description Value
manifest This attribute defines a URL containing the cache information of the document URL(Universal Resource Locator)
spellcheck This attribute is used to define whether an element should be checked for spelling and grammar or not true, false
contenteditable This attribute specifies whether or not you can edit the content true, false
context-menu This attribute specifies the context menu for an element menu-id
draggable This element specifies whether or not you can drag an element true, false, auto

Default CSS Settings for <html> Tag

html {
    display: block;

html:focus {
    outline: none;

Browser Support for <html> Tag

Following browsers support this attribute:

  • Firefox 1+

  • Google Chrome 1+

  • Internet Explorer 2+

  • Apple Safari 1+

  • Opera 2.1+

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