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9 Best Photo Editing Software

Posted in Innovation   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 30, 2021

    Photo Editing Softwares helps users to edit images, illustrations, and digital photographs. Here is the list of free and paid photo editor software which helps the users to work with the tools in a user-friendly interface and use the templates designed by the professionals to edit their images.

    1) Adobe Photoshop Express Editor


    Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is photo editor that offers to various users including graphic artists, web developers, photographers, and designers to edit the images by using various tools, such as motion blur gallery, spin blur effects, and path blur effects for creating and enhancing the images and illustrations.

    Adobe Photoshop Express Editor


    • Users can connect the application software to social media websites.
    • Users can apply various filters to the images.
    • Generator technology is used to build the software.
    • The users can save the images on cloud storage systems.
    • Offers to make the low-resolution images ready for printing by using the intelligent upsampling features.
    • Offers various tools for the selection of the path.
    • Provides the automation of repetitive tasks through conditional actions. The software provides users with a single-click selection of colors.

    2) Canva


    Canva is one of the best online photo editor software offers the users to create a graph through the impressive visualizations of data by providing a user-friendly interface for designing, sharing, and printing images, cards, and logos.



    • Offers pre-designed templates by professionals.
    • Provides a tool to add text to images.
    • Users can use the application for publishing, sharing, and downloading graphs in HD quality.
    • Provides the tools for embedding graphs in infographics and presentations.
    • Users can add dialogue by using the speech bubble feature of the software. Offers to enhance the images by using various effects.

    3) InPixio


    InPixio photo editor software offers to edit the images using various tools for erasing and cropping the images without causing any inconvenience to the users.



    • Provides tools for removing the undesired objects by the user.
    • Users can correct the images using the single-click option.
    • The correction patch can be matched with the background using this software.
    • The users can also avail making a copy of the image by using the cloning stamp option. The users can apply the background and make collages easily with the software.

    4) Ashampoo


    The Ashampoo photo editor tool offers to edit the image by cropping,

    blurring, rotating, and analyzing the potential weaknesses of color and contrast in the images.



    • Offers image editing with a single click by the user.
    • This photo editing software is available for free for sharpening the images using Windows operating system. Provides the tools for resizing the images using the software. Provides user-friendly software to users.

    5) Lightroom


    The Lightroom photo editor software is among the best image editing software for editing high-resolution images and allowing the users to download, add, and view the images by offering numerous layouts to the users.



    • The users can decide the people who can have access to the images according to the desire.
    • Offers the tool to rate the edited photos yourself.
    • Provides the option of grouping the images into the album.
    • Offers the tools for searching the required image very easily.
    • Users apply various filters to the images.
    • Provide sharing options to other people.

    6) Fotophire Editing Toolkit


    Fotophire Editing Toolkit offers to edit the images by applying more than 200 effects on the images. This tool also presents the tools to the users for cropping images without any inconvenience.



    • Offers to replace and erase the image background.
    • The users can also remove the undesired objects from the images. Provides a user-friendly interface for the user.

    7) Fotor


    Fotor photo editor software helps users who do not know about image editing. The users can drag and drop the images and edit the images online using just an internet connection.



    • Supports images in JPEG and PNG formats.
    • The users can share the images after editing them on various social media websites.
    • Offers to beautify the face using various tools.
    • Users can apply the frames to the images without any inconvenience. Offers numerous effects and stickers for editing the images.

    8) ACDSee Ultimate


    The ACDSee Ultimate photo editor tool offers the user to edit the images. The users can use this application for editing and managing the images easily on Windows 10 by importing them from the Cloud storage services.

    ACDSee Ultimate


    • Users can convert the images into other formats.
    • Offers the options for customizing the images using various options.
    • Users can sort and view the image collection by applying the date filter.
    • Offers to transfer the images from PC to mobile using the ACDSee Photo Studio on the mobile.
    • Offers editing features for HEIF image file formats.
    • The users can remove the undesired objects from the image.
    • Offers image cropping tools and correcting the exposure levels of the images.
    • Provides a tool for adjusting the contrast of the image.
    • The users can also extract the files from the ZIP files.

    9) PicsArt


    PicsArt is another great free photo editor application offers the user to use the templates and edit the images and make a collage by organizing the images using Windows 10. The users can also share the images with other people.



    • Offers to edit the images by making the grid style and freestyle collages on the application.
    • Provides the user with numerous photo frames for editing the images.
    • The users can also use various images, gifs, and stickers to edit the images.


    The above-listed photo editing software can be used for free to edit the images, illustrations, and graphics by applying various effects according to the user's desire.

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