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Best Code Editor Software

Posted in Facts   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 6, 2021

    Code editor offers source code and text editing facilities to the user on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. The users can either use this software as a standalone or integrate them with an IDE. Here is the list of free Code Editor software available for the users.

    1) Notepad++


    Notepad++ is one of the best code editor software that has been developed in C++. This software uses the pure win32 API offering the execution with greater speed and small program size. This software supports only Windows devices and uses GPL License.



    • Offers to highlight the syntax for various computer languages such as PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS.
    • Provides auto-completion for the word completion and Function completion.
    • Offers macro recording and playback features to the user.
    • Provides highlighting and folding for the user-defined syntax.
    • Provides customizable GUI to the users.
    • Offers support for multi-view and multi-language.

    2) Kite


    Kite is another best code editor software that offers completion of the multiple line codes automatically and provides support for 16+ languages. The users can code in a quicker manner without any inconvenience.



    • Provides documentation support for the various languages.
    • Offers signature functions as the user types.
    • Provides the tooltip to the user on hovering the mouse.
    • Offers email support to the user.
    • Offers to teach software development using machine learning tools.

    3) Writer


    The writer is a word processing software for creating free documents offering the readability, style, and contextual grammar suggestions which can be integrated with the Blogger and WordPress pages.



    • Offers real-time collaboration with the team.
    • Provides features for reviewing and approving the documents quickly.
    • Offers to save the file in both PDF and Word formats.
    • The users can also manage their workflow using this software tool.
    • Provides options to merge the documents.

    4) Atom


    Atom offers code editor tools and a simple user-friendly interface to the users. The users can also submit the packages for later use.



    • Currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    • Offers the package manager along with the integrated support for the plugins.
    • Offers the smart auto-completion feature.
    • Provides the Command Palette support to the user.
    • Offers multiple panes to the user for working.
    • Provides the cross-form editing on the Mac.

    5) Visual Studio Code [VS Code]


    Visual Studio Code [VS Code] is also a best code editor software offered by Microsoft. The users can use this open-source software which offers support for TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js. The users can also use the autocomplete option which is based on the variable types, function definitions, and essential modules provided by the IntelliSense feature of the software.

    VS Code


    • It is currently available on the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.
    • Offers to work along with Git and other SCM (Software Configuration Management) providers.
    • Offers to debug and refactoring in the code.
    • Provides easily extensible and customizable features for Mac devices.

    6) NetBeans


    NetBeans code editor software offers the editor, code analyzers, and converters for working with Java, PHP, C++, and other languages for programming. This software offers the users to upgrade the applications using the Java 8 constructs of the language.



    • It is currently available on the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.
    • The users can manage their projects easily and efficiently.
    • Provides the Smart Code editing quickly to the user.
    • Offers the development of the user interfaces rapidly.
    • Provides the option to write bug-free codes.

    7) Bluefish


    Bluefish is a code editor software that can handle multiple files synchronously and edit the files remotely. The users can use this software for writing websites, scripts, and programming code.



    • It is currently available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
    • Provides options for loading the files within seconds on Mac.
    • The users can recover the changes made in a document after a sudden crash, kill, or shutdown of the system.
    • Offers efficient working on multiple projects using the project support feature of the software.
    • Offers the users to undo and redo the actions an unlimited number of times.

    8) VIM


    VIM is an open-source code editor software which offers the users to manage and write code with the VIM editor on UNIX System.



    • Currently available on the Linux platform.
    • Offers the plugin support extensively.
    • Provides search and replace option to the users.
    • Users can integrate this application with many other tools.
    • Offers the macro recording and playback options.
    • Provides support for the numerous programming languages and file formats.

    9) Geany


    Geany is a code editor software utilizing the GTK+ toolkit and having the features of the integrated development environment offering many features to the users.



    • Currently available on the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.
    • The users can add the notes for the project preferences to apply the indent settings.
    • Offers source code navigation.
    • Offers the popup menu on the message window.
    • Provides the status message when empty context action is executed.


    The above-listed code editor software can be used by the users to get started with coding in different languages and enjoy learning the new programming languages on various devices. The users can also integrate these code editors with IDE for working.

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