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Email Slicer Python Project

Email Slicer Python Project

An email slicer is a handy application for separating an email address's username and domain name. In this post, we'll show you how to develop a Python program to create an Email Slicer.

Python-based Email Slicer

To make an email slicer in Python, we'll need to construct a program that can obtain the email's username and domain name.

As a result, we must split the email into two strings using the '@' separator. Let's look at how to use Python to separate the email and domain name:


The code above is straightforward and easy to comprehend. We accept user input and, if necessary, utilize the strip feature to eliminate any white space. Then we look for the index of the user input's '@' symbol. The index is then saved in a variable called domain name, which is used to separate the email into two parts: the user name and the domain.

email = input("Enter Your Email: ").strip()
username = email[:email.index("@")]
domain_name = email[email.index("@")+1:]
format_ = (f"Your user name is '{username}' and your domain is '{domain_name}'")


Email Slicer Using Python Output

Final Words

Finally, we'll prepare the result for printing. Depending on your demands, you may add additional ideas to the given code. You should attempt these sorts of apps as a novice to develop your coding abilities. It will also help you create your algorithms and improve your ability to think rationally in the long term.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on writing an email slicer in Python.

About the author:
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