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Introduction to App Development

Have you ever imagined how it feels like being an android developer? When you have developed a cool app and it has got thousands and millions of downloads. Everyone around is talking about your work and your application. It definitely feels great.

Now if I tell you, you can also be a good android developer and without the knowledge of any programming language, would you believe me? You have to believe my friend because I am about to take you to the journey of becoming an independent android developer with no prior knowledge of programming and coding languages. All you require is a computer with working internet connection and a simple idea to work on which we will convert into a working android app.

OK, let me tell you How we are going to do it? and, What we will be using for it? We are going to use the App Inventor software provided by Google itself and now it is maintained by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). It is an open source and browser based utility, which means you are not required to download and install anything on your computer. Since it is browser based so you can do your work from any of the computer whether sitting at home or at cyber cafe or on your laptop on the go.

App Inventor Methodology

App inventor is based on drag and drop functionality. The developers have created Java blocks for various components that can be easily added to your android application and can be assigned a behavior like : What should happen when a particular button is pressed, screen is touched, phone is tilted etc.

Head to the next chapter where we will tell you what all things you require to set up the environment to begin your app development journey.

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