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Testing our First Application

To test the app you need to get it on your phone. First you have to download the application to your computer and then move it to your phone via Bluetooth or USB cable. I'll tell you how to download it.

  1. On the top row click on the "Build" button. It will show you option to download the apk to your computer.

    Testing our Application

  2. Downloading will show the progress and after successful download the application will be placed to the download folder of your directory or the preferred location you have set for your downloading.

    Testing our Application

  3. Now you need to get this apk file to your mobile phone either via Bluetooth or via USB cable. Once you have placed the apk file to your SD card you need to install it. Follow the on screen instructions to install it. You might get some notification or warning saying install from un-trusted source. Allow this from the settings and after successful installation you will see the icon of your application in the menu of your mobile. Here you will see the default icon which can be changed and we will tell you as we move ahead in this course.

I hope your application is working exactly the requirements you have given. You need to enter the text into the text box and it will read it for you. Play with it and enjoy with your friends, don't forget to mention that you yourself have designed it. You deserve a pat on your back because now you are an android developer who has made his debut android application cheers!!