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How to create a color picker in HTML?

Modern websites are full of colors. HTML provides various ways to add colors. There is one interesting element that allows the user to choose between colors. The color picker allows the user to choose the color from the color available on the interface. The color can be chosen by selecting it.

Create a color picker in HTML

To create a color picker in HTML, use the <input> tag with type="color". The color picker is useful as we do not need to remember the name of the color in any format. Just choose the color from the color picker. The color picker representation may vary depending on browsers or platforms. It can be some textual box where we need to enter the color in the proper format, a standard color picker, or some custom color window.

Example: Program to create a color picker in HTML


By default, the color picker selects the black color but we can change this default color by using the value attribute. The value in <input> tag for colors contains a seven-character string that specifies the color to be selected by default. The values are in hexadecimal form prefixed with #. The other six-digit represent the RGB colors.

You cannot use a standard CSS color name to set the value. The color with alpha channels is not supported.

Example: Setting the default value of color picker

Here, we passed the default value of the color picker.


We can easily create a color picker using HTML. The color picker allows choosing any color using its interface on the webpage. So now there is no need to remember the difficult color names or hex codes.

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