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How to create custom cursor using CSS?

Answer: Using CSS cursor property

CSS can change the look of the cursor. When you visit a website, you may find that when you scroll through the normal text, there is usually an arrow cursor. When your cursor is on some link, you may find a cursor with some other type. So the question is, how can we customize the cursor? It can be done using the CSS cursor property.

The cursor property

The cursor property can be used to customize the cursor in HTML. There are various options for this cursor property. Each element can be used with various cursor looks.

Example: Create a custom cursor using CSS

Here in the given example, we have listed out various cursor properties to customize the cursor.

Using URL values for cursor property

We can also include URL values in the cursor property. The URL can be used to add an image as the cursor. We can use an image of any format. Also, add auto or pointer keywords along with URL separated by comma to cursor property.

Example: Add URL values to cursor property

Here, we have used an image to add customize the cursor.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
   p {
      cursor: url("glow link.cur"),auto;
    <h2> Using Custom cursor </h2>
	<p> Move over the word to see effect </p>	


Here is the output of the above program.

custom cursor


So, we can change the look of the cursor according to the function of the element. There are various available options to customize the cursor. Also, we can use URLs to add images to customize the cursor too.

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