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How to create a date picker in HTML?

Answer: Using <input> tag with type attribute having value date.

The users usually require to add the dates to the web page. The textual box can be used for the dates, but we can provide a better option to input dates using some interface. The interface used to input the date is called the date picker. It can be created using HTML.

Creating date picker using HTML

The <input> tag with type="date" is used to create a date picker in HTML. The input field can be used to add dates using the text box. It can validate the dates are correct or not or by choosing the dates from the date picker interface. The min attribute is used to add the earliest dates, whereas the max attribute is used to add the latest dates.

Example: Create a date picker in HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
	<meta charset="utf-8">
    <h2> Date picker </h2>
	<label for="DOB">select date of birth:</label>
    <input type="date" id="DOB" name="DOB"min="1979-01-01" max="2002-12-31">



Value attribute

The date picker usually contains the date format text like dd/mm/yyyy. But it can be replaced with some valid dates using the value attribute. The date format will be replaced with the value. The value should always be set as "yyyy-mm-dd."The displayed format of the date may vary from the value used.

Example: Add value attribute in date picker


The date picker helps the users to choose the dates to be entered quickly. It also helps add the valid date with some max and min limits of date defined using the attributes in the date picker. So, create a date picker to provide a user-friendly interface to add dates.

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