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How to create a hidden input field in HTML?

The hidden input field is created to add some contents which are invisible to the users and cannot be modified by the users. The hidden input field can be used to add the database record or some security token etc. The hidden field cannot be made visible to the webpage. It can be visible and edited only by developers by using developer tools.

Create a hidden input field in HTML

  • The hidden input field is created using <input> tag with type="hidden" attribute.
  • The value attribute in <input> can be used to contain hidden data which will be submitted to the server on form submit.
  • The name attribute which is common to all input fields has a special meaning to hidden inputs. When the form is submitted a hidden input name is set to _charset_ will automatically be reported with the value set to the character encoding.

Example: Create a hidden input field

Here, we created a hidden input by passing input type as hidden.

Example: Include input hidden field with text field


The hidden input is helpful for a web developer to include hidden data in the web page which are not important to users but are important to the web developer. Include the hidden input field with other elements on the web page.

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