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9 Best Free Firewall Software

Posted in Best Apps   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 16, 2021

    Firewall software offers to increase the security of the PCs by protecting them from unauthorized access over LAN and private networks. The firewall software protects the user's devices from the malware threats present over the internet networks also. Here is a list of free and paid firewall software that you can use to protect your personal computer.

    1) GlassWire Firewall


    GlassWire Firewall is a software program that monitors the network using a built-in firewall in the system. This software also views past and present activity on the network.

    glasswire firewall


    • Users can avail add-on security on their system which is offered by this software after viewing the networking data.

    • Offers to block the applications in a single click.

    • The users can also keep a track of the bandwidth usage on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

    • Provides remote server monitoring service to the user.

    2) Firewall Security Management


    Firewall Security Management offers to increase the security of the network and obtain real-time network visibility on the network.

    Firewall Security Management


    • Offers to create custom filters for security.

    • Offers monitoring of the network traffic, firewalls, applications, and devices.

    • The users can also configure the firewall to prevent security breaches.

    • Provides built-in reports with policy checks.

    3) ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


    ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a firewall software that allows the detection of vulnerabilities in the security and firewall policies. The users can also avail real-time visibility into the security of the network firewall.

    ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


    • Offers to manage the policy of the firewall.

    • This software ensures the management of the new policy changes.

    • The VPN and internet activities of the users are monitored by the software.

    • Offers to generate the compliance standards reports after continuously monitoring the system.

    4) ZoneAlarm


    ZoneAlarm is a firewall software that offers the protection of the system from cyberattacks, blocking of the undesired programs, and access to the network traffic to the internet.

    Zone Alarm


    • Users can work without being detected.

    • Offers to protect the personal data of the user.

    • Offers a secured browsing experience to the user.

    • Protects Wi-Fi.

    • Offers the safe search feature and generates alerts if it encounters any dangerous site.

    • The documents can be downloaded securely over the internet.

    5) Comodo Free Firewall


    Comodo Free Firewall offers a faster and inconvenience-free experience to the users online. This software has solutions with technology that give and preserve a safe experience for the users.

    Comodo Free Firewall


    • Provides fast experience without any inconvenience.

    • Offers the management of the traffic on the system.

    • Users can block the various internet attacks on their systems.

    • Offers DDP-based security which helps in keeping the system secure.

    • Offers to secure the online connections of the users.

    • The in and out connections are also monitored.

    6) AVS Firewall


    AVS Firewall protects the user’s system from cyberattacks, malware and filters the software to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

    AVS Firewall


    • Offers the protection of the registry of the system from any unauthorized attempt to change the contents of the registry.

    • The users can block the flash advertisements, popups, and banners by turning on the anti-banner feature.

    • The users can whitelist the URLs and the websites they want to use.

    • Provides the option to create the personalized rules for the firewall for each software and program.

    • The users can also control and view the volume of the traffic in the network.

    • The users can also avail to receive alerts when any other software from the internet tries to connect with the user's system.

    7) Avast Endpoint Firewall


    Avast Endpoint Firewall is software that offers to find the vulnerabilities in the software offered by the third party and deploy the patches from the Avast Business to the system of the user.

    Avast Endpoint Firewall


    • Offers the management of the PC, Mac, and servers from one software.

    • The users can schedule the tasks to control the devices in advance.

    • Protects the unsecured website, sets the templates and group devices.

    • The users can download and view the reports of threats and malware comprehensively.

    • The users can give the invitations to the administers and set the personalized notifications.

    8) McAfee Firewall


    Mcafee Firewall offers the user to watch the traffic of the network and capture the malicious programs before they reach the system.

    mcafee firewall


    • Offers protection from the various viruses, malware, and ransomware to the system.

    • The users can provide security to the firewall and block the hacking of the network.

    • The users can also store and manage the passwords at a single location online.

    • Provides 256-bit encryption to the sensitive files on the system.

    9) Azure Firewall


    Azure Firewall protects the network resources and offers threat filtering based on intelligence. This software prevents the users from accessing malicious domains and IP addresses.

    Azure Firewall


    • Offers unrestricted cloud scalability to the users.

    • The users can avail creating, enforcing, and logging software along with the policies of the network connectivity.

    • Provides the source and destination Network Address Translation to the user.

    • Offers hybrid connectivity through the ExpressRoute Gateways and VPN deployment.

    • Provides the integration of the features with Azure Monitor for analytics and logging.


    The above-listed Firewall software can be availed by the users to enjoy secured and fast browsing. These Firewall software prevent security breaches by continuously monitoring the software, firewalls, and programs running on the system and keeps the users protected from unauthorized access, malware, hackers, and ransomware.

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